happy friday

today is friday and we are happy.

for your viewing pleaure: here is a picture of abby's mad mullet. we have no idea what to do with her hair. it looks great in ponytails, but in the morning, lookout.


this is so wrong

apparently there is a new skin disease from playing too much playstation. you can cure it by abstaining from it. well, duh.

the best part is the 15 year old girl who has the first case "had not participated in any sport or physical exercise recently" but she had been playing video games for several hours a day. wow. what a shocker.

it's insane, just read the article here.

what is more insane is playstation's statement:
A spokesman for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd, manufacturers of PlayStation, said: "We firmly believe that video gaming is a legitimate entertainment pastime like watching movies, listening to music, or reading books. really? video games compared to reading books...that is absurd.



i bought canned goods yesterday that expire after tyson's graduation date.

this brightened my entire week right up.


st. george

we had a great 3 day weekend down south. the skies were blue and sunny and wonderful.

st. george temple
kaden and laura. this was the best shot i got, her dress was absolutely gorgeous. i've never been so envious of another bride's dress. their wedding day couldn't have been better, and the reception was just like the dress, simple and elegant. of course, it was all the fresh roses and flowers that bowled me over. divine.
no uncle penn, you don't look like the bride
this is lucy's sad face. all she kept saying was "when is the luncheon?"
we had great babysitters at the temple. i barely even saw the girls : )
and look out BYU, taryn is coming this fall. woohoo!
i thought this was a great picture of ty's parents and aunt taryn with the girls.


seen and heard on I-15

me: abby, what do you want again?
abby: leeluublableickou
me: what was that? try again.
abby: leeluublableickou
me: abby, that doesn't make any sense.

lucy: mom, maybe her batteries are running out?


3 day weekend

we're heading down south for a Leavitt wedding in St. George.
i'm praying for lots and lots of sunshine, despite the forecast for *gasp* snow.


sicky sick

child #1 has been sick since tuesday. her ear infection started today.
child #2 started hacking last night.
i feel like i have a newborn again. make that two newborns.


news from home

our sweet, little, white, Logandale chapel is gone.
and sadly, will probably be replaced with a new generic one.


the great escape

we have a little crib escape artist in the leavitt household.

lucy never did this. she fell once, once, and stopped trying.

abby has perfected the climb out of the crib that we can't even hear her.
we really can't hear her, lucy has to come in to inform me she can hear "abby playing with her toys; i think she's out of the crib"

thanks to lucy we found abby surrounded by every toy in her entire room, scattered on the floor.

she simply looked up and said "i want to get out". yeah, i got that one.

i feel like it's too early to convert to a toddler bed, but don't want her paralyzing herself with a wicked fall.
what to do? she's done this 4 naps/bedtimes in a row.
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