the great escape

we have a little crib escape artist in the leavitt household.

lucy never did this. she fell once, once, and stopped trying.

abby has perfected the climb out of the crib that we can't even hear her.
we really can't hear her, lucy has to come in to inform me she can hear "abby playing with her toys; i think she's out of the crib"

thanks to lucy we found abby surrounded by every toy in her entire room, scattered on the floor.

she simply looked up and said "i want to get out". yeah, i got that one.

i feel like it's too early to convert to a toddler bed, but don't want her paralyzing herself with a wicked fall.
what to do? she's done this 4 naps/bedtimes in a row.


Melanie said...

Oh man! We've never had that problem yet, thank goodness. I wouldn't want to put her in a toddler bed yet either.

Maybe pillows on the floor?

Good luck.

Deborah said...

shoot--I put mine in a toddler bed the second they could climb out. Patience put hers on a mattress on the floor once they could crawl.ya just close the door to keep them safe. Better than a fall.

just my opinion ya know! LOL

Danna Banana said...

I hate to tell you but she has just shaved a few more precious moments of lovely shut-eye out of your life.

Good luck!

Tam said...

sorry, but this makes me laugh. good luck finding a solution, i never could come up with any good ones (and make them work).

Audrey said...

I have heard of tent like tops that you can put on your cribs so they can't climb out. I have no idea how much they are but I have heard they work really well. You will have to look into them.

Austrie said...

I knew she was clever :) haha. love the new layout!

Stuart Humes said...

Hey Annie, Its Heather Humes! I just hopped into your blog. I love your entries, They are hilarious! (sp) Your girls are so CUTE!

Bonnie Walker said...

Geesh,I feel like we are raising the same kid only mine is a boy. Dae's crib is now a toddler bed and we have to put him in his bed like 20 times every night! Once he falls asleep though, he sleeps fine. One night when I thought all the kids were sleeping I found him wandering the house in the dark with a smile on his face.

The Richards in Canada said...

vaseline the sides of the crib...
PS was that your church in Logandale that burned down?

Stephanie and Paul said...

they make crib tents, didn't you know? you zip them in and they can't get out. look into it. there's no way liam would ever stay in a toddler bed, so if he climbed out of the crib we'd get a tent.

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