i have been a little hesitant to blog about how life has been lately with this pregnancy. i don't know exactly why, but i know one of the reasons is i don't want to over share (which i tend to do) and the other reason is that we have had so many friends and acquaintances who are having a hard time conceiving/can't have children/trying to adopt/having stillborns/losing infants/children with special needs/ etc. my experiences seem so trivial compared to those kind of trials.

for now the update on baby #3 is this: i still am not showing too much. this is to be expected. i usually grow in width before an actual belly sticks out. i keep trying to figure out how my uterus is located in my thighs and buttocks area because they seem to always grow first and fastest. thus all of my neighbors think i have been indulging in krispy kremes a little too often. don't worry, the buddha will poke out in a few weeks. but for now, i have this depressing little excerpt from the pregnancy book to cry about: "the permanent pounds the average women puts on with each pregnancy, and the flab that often accompanies them, are not an inevitable result of being pregnant. they are the result of gaining too much weight, eating the wrong foods and/or not getting enough exercise."

now that just makes me depressed and hungry.



thanks to miss texas and her photo shoot, we have some awesome pictures of our family in 2009. she captured the girls so well. i am still cursing myself for wearing a white michelin man shirt, but alas, the pictures are gorgeous. here's a few of our favorites. check out her blog here.



we went to logandale this weekend to see ty's little bro come home from the mish. it was a really great weekend with lots of family and fabulous weather. and it was neat to hear taylor talk about the people form Georgia. we stayed at tyson's house and the girls ruled the roost for 3 whole days. they were so worn out they both slept about 14 hours sunday night.
lucy was so excited to give hime her "card"
i love hellos a lot better than goodbyes.
tara, taylor, trent, evelyn
abby and the balloons that wouldn't die
abby and cousin aus


then again...maybe not

i thought i was feeling mucho better in the queasy department.
i went of my meds for it for 48 hours.
this morning i knelt at the porcelain throne for a good while.
ty came home, patted me on the head, and said, "not very smart huh?" :)

in other news: i am very grateful for all of you who have supported my fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. due to some complications i have had to stop training for the marathon. it was really sad, but tyson always says there are marathons every year, right?

it has really been hard for me to go from running an hour a day to not exercising at all. and i mean, really, really, really, really, really, really hard. but i have read some good books; but i also put on 10 lbs. does that even out?

i still want to keep up my fund raising, so, i will give all of you little while to give some good will and donate and then i will take the link off my page. so hurry up. he he.


time change

does anyone else's kids take forever to adjust to the time change?

in other news: ty and i had been holding out over who would change the clocks around the house. he said, and i quote: "that's not a man's job". i know, i know, it was too funny then too.

so, i held out for two weeks.

just yesterday he set all of the clocks.

i totally won : )


i cannot tell a lie

so, apologies are in order for all the people who asked me if i was pregnant before we were telling people, and i had to, um, tell them no.

i really tried not to lie and answered your questions like this:

Q."so, are you guys trying for a 3rd?"
A. "no"

Q. "so, when do you think you guys will have another one?"
A. "oh, i'm sure some time. but not right now."

Q. "so, ready for another one?"
A. "oh my, no i don't think so"

Q. "so, when do you think you guys will have another baby?"
A. "oh, someday i'm sure"

Q. "how many kids do you guys think you'll have?"
A. "oh, one at a time"

the only person i think i truly told a falsehood to was my brother. he asked, "are you pregnant?" we had just found out, like, 3 days before and were still in shock. me: "no! what made you think that?" sorry bill.

no one really asked if i was pregnant before i was. what is up with that? is it written across my blemished face and bloated gut?


seen and heard

i think lucy gives our announcement much more eloquently than i ever could:

"abby! god is sending us a baby from heaven!" (while jumping up and down and twirling)

lucy is very excited.

abby has no clue she is about to be dethroned.


a gaggle, a peck, a herd, a crowd, a lot

it's official. we are going to be one big, happy, family. whether we like it or not, we are having a third baby on Oct. 1st. this is exciting and scary all at the same time. exciting because, well, ty and i do love new babies. scary because, well, those babies never leave. we have to take them home.

i have been more than hesitant to announce our pregnancy to the world. the first reason, i feel like crap. and the only thing worse than feeling like crap is having people ask you if you still are feeling like crap.

the second reason is that we have to announce it because this surprise little lima bean has put a halt on my training for the marathon. a determinate halt. more details later.

here is the little cashew in all its weird 10 week glory. i'm sorry, but ultrasounds are creepy looking. i apologize for publishing this one on our blog. it will be the last.


he who rocks

my awesome brother bill has been doing this crazy fitness program called crossfit. it's amazing how much he has changed in just one year into this powerhouse. this weekend in houston he competed in his second crossfit competition and placed 5th overall. 5th! here's to you bill, in honor of those who rock.
this last picture is him running a 200m dash w/ a 100lb bag on his back.


first rule of fashion


this is abby's attempt at wearing a headband.
she had it on like this for about 20 minutes. it looked like it hurt, but she just though she was the bomb diggity.
of course, lucy goosy needed a photo too.


our 2 year old

yes, abby has been a 2 year old for 2 months now. it's not hard to believe when you are around her.
she loves to be obstinate. she loves to say no. she loves to scowl. she loves to run away from me in the yard...and not come back.

she loves tickles, and laughs, and flowers and bugs. we have another bug lover. she loves to go on walks and play outside.

she also loves to sing and dance. we have to hold her down in church to keep her from dancing in the isles during hymns. but her songs are hilarious and i need to record one for posterity. one day it was all about wipeys-literally. it went a little like this:
"wipeeeey, wipey, wipeeeey, wipeeeeys, i dike wipeeeeeeeeeeeys!"

we can't believe how grown up she is getting. she even is starting to sport some love handles. hooray!

so that is my cheesy post about our cute little toddler.

photo courtesy of miss texas.


a word about privacy

ty and i discussed going private with our blog.
this is what we decided:

ty owns lots of guns. i mean, lots. like dirty harry pistols and crazy rifles and shotguns.

oh, and lots of ammo to go with it.

and did we mention he's a deadly shot?

enough said.
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