i have been a little hesitant to blog about how life has been lately with this pregnancy. i don't know exactly why, but i know one of the reasons is i don't want to over share (which i tend to do) and the other reason is that we have had so many friends and acquaintances who are having a hard time conceiving/can't have children/trying to adopt/having stillborns/losing infants/children with special needs/ etc. my experiences seem so trivial compared to those kind of trials.

for now the update on baby #3 is this: i still am not showing too much. this is to be expected. i usually grow in width before an actual belly sticks out. i keep trying to figure out how my uterus is located in my thighs and buttocks area because they seem to always grow first and fastest. thus all of my neighbors think i have been indulging in krispy kremes a little too often. don't worry, the buddha will poke out in a few weeks. but for now, i have this depressing little excerpt from the pregnancy book to cry about: "the permanent pounds the average women puts on with each pregnancy, and the flab that often accompanies them, are not an inevitable result of being pregnant. they are the result of gaining too much weight, eating the wrong foods and/or not getting enough exercise."

now that just makes me depressed and hungry.


Anonymous said...

Aw, that is just plain depressing. Why would they even put that in a book?

Stuart Humes said...

How's that for a dose of reality, when all you really want is for them to tell you what you want to hear!

Melanie said...

You'll loose it! You have before and you will again. :) I don't doubt it little miss marathon! :)

Carrie said...

Whatever. Erase that quote from your memory and tell yourself it's all the baby. You're under enough stress as it is--you don't need to add guilt to the list!

Bowler Family said...

Tell those books to go to hell!! They were probably written by a man! And he can go to hell too! Luv Ash

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