crazy zzz's

we are still on vacation-an extended one. poor ty had to go back up for spring term but i am taking the opportunity to be lazy and stay at my mom's for a few more days. i have lots of pictures but for now i have had the craziest dreams and had to report:

Dream #1:
2 days ago i had a dream the baby is a girl. it was so neat to see her and ty and i were discussing names in the delivery room. we thought up some pretty awesome girl names too.

Dream #2:
last night i dreamed that it was a boy. but i didn't realize it was a boy till the middle of sacrament meeting when i looked down and saw that he was in a dress and bonnet. i started freaking out worrying about how i would get some boy clothes for the little tyke before anyone noticed. ha ha.

i think all these dreams are due to the fact that i'm hormonal. and also because we are leaving the sex of the baby a surprise. maybe i should rethink this if i keep having nightmares like last night.



me: hey ty, does my hair look cute curly or like i just woke up?
ty: um...
me: a little of both?
ty: (quizzical look)

this is when i really miss my roommates and sisters.

spring and such

to update- we had a fabulouso weekend with my sisters. big sis danna flew in from california and sarah and i had a great time visiting with her. the girls were ecstatic as they received a new fancy tutu and butterfly wand. (the secret to buying my kids' love is through tutus and bugs)
the weather was stinky awful when danna got here, but pleasantly warmed up by sunday.
i can officially say that it is spring now. blossoms, flowers, birds chirping and opening our windows at night. hallelujah!

in other news: abby has started to create her own outfits lately. i couldn't resist putting these photos up of her.


today today, oh what a day

today i did not have to:
wake up at 5:30 am
eat a power bar for breakfast (yech)
ride in a trax train w/ strangers to a freezing starting line
wait at said starting line for 90 minutes.
pee in a porta-potty
run 26.2 miles

today i:
slept in next to my hubby
layed in bed for awhile in bed listening to lucy play in her room and abby sing in her crib
took a hot shower
dressed in some cute clothes
told ty "happy anniversary" with a genuine smile.

today wasn't what i was planning 6 months ago. but so far it's been a great day.
here's to another 6 years.



we are stinking tired of this weather. for the love, please just be spring.



so, as to keep up with my oversharing tendencies, i will fill you in on my historical pregnancies and weight gains.

Baby #1- kept jogging for 14 weeks. stopped when it started to "hurt a little" and basically did nothing till the baby came. oh, and i had 15 credits independent study. so i read 12 novels, wrote 20 papers, took 8 tests and ate banana splits, quesadillas and french fries. gained 50 lbs. that's right, fifty. baby came 7 days early. a beautiful, fat, healthy baby.

Baby #2- found out pregnant after SLC 1/2 marathon. kept jogging for 7 months, 3X a week. great pregnancy. ate healthy, took all my prenatal vitamins. i was a good girl (insert pat on back here). gained 25 lbs. preterm labor started 6 weeks early. baby came 5 weeks early with lungs that were only about 30 weeks mature. a beautiful, skinny, scrawny, premature baby. in NICU for 2 weeks. lost all the weight at the hospital. gained 30 lbs while at home with preemie for RSV season. go figure : )

Baby #3-found out pregnant while training for SLC Marathon. what is it with that thing? kept running till 10 weeks. a lot of red flags forced the running to end, and the crunching and weight lifting and pilates and lunges. now all the lifting i do is from my plate to my mouth. i've tried to eat well, but in reality i'm doing a pretty crappy job. i can't help but think of my history:

eat like crap and sit on buttocks=healthy baby.
eat healthy and exercise=sick preemie.

i know that's not a good predictor of things. but i just hope this baby doesn't come out with 12 fingers from all the mcdonald's filet o' fishes i ate. (i'm sorry, i really am, but it was all i could stomach) oh, and fruit snacks. who craves fruit snacks? so far i'm in denial about what i can and can't do, and have asked the nurse to not tell me my weight. i can't decide if that's a good thing or as the picture states "pregnancy-induced dilusional thinking."

*note* tyson has always, ahem, fibbed for me and told me i look fabulous throughout all of these ups and downs. hooray for smart husbands : )


easter itself

we had a great easter day yesterday. we really couldn't have asked for anything more. the girls were both impressed with their loot and found all the eggs really fast. lucy underestimated abby's finding skills and freaked out when she saw how fast she was going and how many she had.
church was great. the girls thought their hand me down dresses were brand new (sweetness). naps were great. trent and tara came over for dinner and we had a great time with them too. and after a full 24 hours of straight rain, we had a beautiful sunny day. it's cheesy to say, but we did have a happy easter after all.


eggs eggs eggs

of course we had to dye our eggs tonight. lucy was excited as ever but couldn't quite remember how to do it, which is surprising because she usually remembers everything.
we made abby think that she was dying the eggs by just sitting there watching the cup. she caught on after a few and wanted to be more "hands on".
i've always loved this tradition, i don't exactly know why. maybe it's the bright colors. and eating deviled eggs the next day that are stained blue and pink.


seen and heard

me: abby, what kind of a baby do you think we are having?
abby: a back (black) baby!
me: oh, a black baby? and what should we name it?
abby: elmo!


good friday

it's not our anniversary just yet, but we were married on good friday.

so here's to you good friday, and the best 6 good fridays i've ever had.


little readers

thanks to my sister in-law mel's idea, we started reading Charlotte's Web to Lucy and Abby. the result: lucy loves it, loves it, loves it (it helps that there are drawings every few pages) and abby stays in the room (that's pretty good). it is fun to be reading real "books" now. i'm wondering if Stuart Little is ok to be next.


lazy days are for this

we've been homebound lately with weather and stuff. this is what we've been up to, well, at least the girls. i've done absolutely nothing.

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