spring and such

to update- we had a fabulouso weekend with my sisters. big sis danna flew in from california and sarah and i had a great time visiting with her. the girls were ecstatic as they received a new fancy tutu and butterfly wand. (the secret to buying my kids' love is through tutus and bugs)
the weather was stinky awful when danna got here, but pleasantly warmed up by sunday.
i can officially say that it is spring now. blossoms, flowers, birds chirping and opening our windows at night. hallelujah!

in other news: abby has started to create her own outfits lately. i couldn't resist putting these photos up of her.


Melanie said...

She is so cute!!! I love the bottom one with her closed eyes.

Lauren said...

Oh my goodness! I love it! The socks are the best!

Danna Banana said...

Love the barrette!!! wink wink!

Carrie said...

Oh my goodness! Classic! She is soooo darling!

Terril Family said...

I love it! What a cutie!!!

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