best candy ever

chocolate covered cinnamon bears. i know, sounds nasty right? well, that's exactly what i thought. you have to try them. really, before you die ask to try some before you kick the bucket. you won't regret it.

it took my roommate carrie almost an entire year to get me to try them. oh, and it was bliss. they are so good, and somehow my pregnant belly wants them every day. but not my thighs, my thighs definitely don't want them.

ps-i miss you carrie. i miss stopping by 2 times a day to see you at the candy counter. i miss getting free samples. lots and lots of free samples. mmm...i'm a foodie brain right now.


Becky J. said...

I can't believe I lived with Carrie for as long as I did and never had one of these. Maybe because I was teaching at my school every day and not on campus. Sad! I want one right now! Thanks a lot. :) (And my thighs don't want them either, but my mouth usually wins!)

Melanie said...

Those are good! Billy made me try them while we were still there. :) I've never seen them anywhere else.

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