the name game

i am really enjoying the not 'knowing' part for the gender of the baby. why? because every day i can sit on my fat fanny and think up names to ward off boredom.

so far we have three fantastically (i know it's not a word) beautiful girl names.

we have no boy names. at least, not any that we can agree on. lucy did offer "max" to the table. but would that be for maxwell or maximillian?

i'm glad we can't name the baby before i see it because ty and i still argue over abigail's name. when i first saw her, and how tiny she was i wanted to name her after my great maternal grandmother Minnie. ty said, no, because we had already told everyone her name was abigail. plus we had paid $10 for a stocking that had 'abigail' on it that matched ours. yes, abby, one Lands End stocking was the deciding factor for your name. and i have wanted to call you minnie ever since. especially since you're so stinking small.

the only thing i can guarantee you is that the name will be easy to read, spell and pronounce. maybe it's from always feeling sorry for the kids in school where every substitute would say it wrong and the rest of us (including me) would giggle. or just knowing that my pregnant brain could never,ever, ever, in a million years, make up a name that would be better than the tried and true classics. as someone once said, "why does everyone try to reinvent the wheel?".

oh, and one time my cousin's friend made up a name for their daughter. well, it just so happened that the name in russian actually meant 'prostitute'. woops.


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't get tired of explaining yourself because I fear it will be a long pregnancy...oh, wait, what pregnancy doesn't feel forever long anyway!
Keep up the good work sittin on your fanny :)

Serenity Rachel said...

I always have tons of girl names too and for each boy we eventually come up with ONE that works, mostly because we run out of time and have to name the kid something! And I've had 4 boys and just 1 girl. Go figure. I still love the name Shiloh for a girl (and I thought of it WAY before Brangelina) And I think I'm out of chances to use it :-(

Lauren said...

Good luck with the names. That is so hard for me. Dustin picked Mark's name and we actually flipped a coin to name Allie!
So I'm curious how do you say prositute in Russian?!

Melanie said...

I think you are doing a good thing to pick something that will be easy to read, spell and pronounce. After the problems I had with my name growing up (and mine is not uncommon at all), we try to do the same thing (obviously). I still remember being so sad in kindergarten because I loved my new teacher and she didn't know how to spell my name. (My name on my cubby didn't have an 'e' at the end.) I felt like she didn't like me for a while. ;)

Have fun thinking of names. Can't wait to hear it when the baby's born! :)

Sisyphus said...

I like penelope, Shaniqua and Aquanetta.
Don't laugh at Aquanetta, there is a councilwoman in Fontana with that name.

Becky J. said...

ahh, now I really want to know what the names are you're thinking of! Just whisper them to me on my blog, k? :)

Joseph and I can't agree on a girl's name to save our lives, but we've known what our boy's name will be since we got married. So I guess we're the opposite of you.

And I love how you picked Abby's name! That's hilarious! I think Minnie is a cute nickname but I'm glad you went with Abigail.

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