road trips and such

the last week and a half has been quite the blur. ty finished up winter semester (woohoo!) and had a weekend break. his family celebrates high school graduates by taking them to disneyland. this year his sister graduates, last year his cousin graduated, and the year before we went for his brother before his mission. we have gone 3 years in a row. whew. i can say that i have pretty much mastered the traveling in the car/packing food/staying in hotel rooms with kids thing. but i am done. i need a break from travel and disneyland.
here are some great pics from disneyland. it was a blast

here is the one and only picture of me in all my glory.
the wheelchair is how you get around disneyland on partial bedrest without ticking off your dr. : )


Lauren said...

Three years in a row!
I've only been once!!
Oh and I love the wheel chair! :)

Terril Family said...

So cute!!! I am sad we never met up with you guys while we were there. Sounds like you had a nice vacation.

P.S. I didnt know you were on bedrest. Everything okay?

Becky J. said...

SO offended you didn't visit us while you were here. Just kidding! I bet we were in Costa Rica then anyway. Glad you had fun! Too bad we couldn't have bumped into you there or something--that would've been awesome! We only have our annual passes for another week--boo hoo!

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