that's $49?

i used some of our amex points for a floral gift certificate to order roses for our mommas. it took a long time to pick our exactly what we wanted sent, and ordered, only to find out this particular company cannot ship to their zip code. nice.

so, i took this as a ripe opportunity and gave myself flowers from my 'kids'. totally legit considering they can't drive to stores or buy me presents yet.

to make a long story short, these are what i ordered:

and this is what i received:

you can bet your cutie patooties that i called them and complained. i think this floral company has been ripping people off for holidays. i mean, you never really know what someone orders you right? no one's the wiser. unless, of course, you order them for yourself. you've got to love the tacky green floral foam in the clear vase. uck.
i'm expecting a nice, fatty, chic bouquet this afternoon. free of charge.


Lauren said...

Nice.. NOT!
Good for you, for calling them!

Katie M said...

are you kidding me? i'm SO glad you called.

suepeterson710 said...

They were SO busted!!! Good for you for following up on that. Your free bouquet better be Great!

Trent & Tara said...

how crappy is that? are they serious?? I was going to ask you to see your flowers your ordered today. Maybe its better that I didn't depressing!! ya I think lots of companies do stuff like this. So much for $50

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