we did this

ty's parents and sister came up to visit the rest of us leavitts here in utah. it was grandma l's birthday and we had a grand celebration.
we really did have a nice weekend, wish i would have taken more pictures of the girls and them playing outside, great memories.

here's the birthday girl! i would be that happy too to have all my kids together in one place. but i love abby in the background directing grandpa as to how much dessert she wants. he he.

these two look related. what is up with lucy's scary smile?

trying to take a picture with ty. bread was more tempting
there we go. will someone please teach me how to take a picture without cocking my head? i just noticed i do that in 99.9% of photos. weird. and ty always has the best million dollar smile ever. except here, where he is chewing aforemention bread.
trying to catch evelyn's face after a bite of lemon. too funny. too bad i missed it.
after everyone went home abby asked,
"where did grandpa go?"
lucy answered: "they went to back to logandale"
abby yelled, "no! they went bye bye!"

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Trent & Tara said...

gotta love the pics!! they are really cute!! Love the one of that we are in. Will have to get copies of those. Actually can you email me those? Your camera takes great pictures!!

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