i swear it's not mine

does anyone else get embarassed when the VS catalog arrives in the mail? i ordered something from them almost 3 years ago and i still get it.
i wouldn't care so much, because some of their undie sales are awesome, but i feel like my mail carrier thinks i subscribe to soft porn or something. for real, how do they come up with those semi-nude poses?
i would die if the girls ever caught sight of an issue.


Trent & Tara said...

I feel the same way...and yes they don't ever forget when you order from them. They just keep coming and coming. I love their stuff....but the magazines are too much. And I am way embarrassed if Trent even sees the cover of one. Into the trash it goes. I would rather go into the store to find a bra...than look at those images.

Annie Leavitt said...

i know you can call and ask to have them cancel the subscription.
i did that a year ago...they still come. i should call again.

Melanie said...

Those catalogs make me feel the same. I don't get them thank goodness. I remember they'd come to your parents' house though and I'd always trash them if I saw them. I figured your mom wouldn't notice one catalog missing - especially that one. There were just too many kids around that house. :)

Jed Wheeler Family said...

I left mine on the counter and then my piano students came over. oops When you actually order something it comes in this discreet little bag that gives no hint to the naughtiness, but the catalog is downright scandalous!
BTW-you look great in your 23 week pic! Go eat some more chocolate gummy bears. :)

Terril Family said...

What's even worse... They had a special a while back for a new member discount. Well, since I already had ordered from them before, I ordered it in Mike's name (it was Flip Flops FYI), so now not only does the catalog come to my house, but in my husbands name. How's that for embarrassing!

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