june june

so far june has been a great month. hope i'm not jinxing it.

first off-my yard is in full bloom. i wish i could take credit for this marvelous event, but nature has just done its thing. i have not pulled one weed since last fall. i did prune my roses like a mad woman, i hope they stay this happy all year.

secondly (i have no grammar skills), my parents came to visit. hooray! no good pictures yet, but the girls loved the airport and looking at all the planes with aunt sarah. afterwards my dad was in charge of letting the girls pick out a toy at the dollar store. they picked out the crustiest, cheapest barbie-like dolls ever. hilarious.

after naps, lucy showed us this:
see mom, this is what happens when you let abby take toys into her crib.

and no, we're not sad they are falling apart. i'm pretty anti-barbie till the girls are older.


Lauren said...

Roses = Beautiful!
Barbie = Scary!

Jed Wheeler Family said...

Your roses are so beautiful. Mine are already half dead. Clipping is so fun isn't it?
Don't worry about Barbie, at least she still has the important stuff. heehee

Michele and Todd said...

Hang in there Annie! I love your pictures of your roses in bloom. My favorite flowers. I remember being put to bed for about a week with one of my pregnancies, cause I had 5 older children 7 and under, but it was only a week) and it was so hard, and that was only one week.

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