this is a only a test...

yes, yes, we did have to go to the hospital again last night. but don't worry, it's only a test. we are very far away from the real thing, people, trust us.

dr's orders are- we have to go into labor and delivery to get checked if we are having more than 6 contractions in an hour. ok, this is a daily thing, so i cheat and don't go in. but it seems every week or so, i just can't get my little body (ok, big body) to settle down by myself so we trek in. it goes like this:

get into very fashionable mumu (hospital gown)
get hooked up into monitors
get asked the same questions we have answerd 5,000 times
wait for monitor results
nurse comes in, "are you ok?"
us: "um no, that's why we are here"

so they give us these lovely shots that stop the contractions. sarah and i found out that you cannot get me to start laughing on terbutaline, because apparently, i cannot stop. really. it was crazy. but the meds work and we go home. really, it's not that scary. ty and i get some alone time. we have toured the entire l&d unit and are starting to prefer certain rooms. and i'm pretty sure my dr. is ready to throw my chart out the window. her again?

the only great part about all this uterine activity (i did NOT say uterus) is they gave us the steroid shots for the babies lungs. this makes me and hubsters happy. very very happy. now we are just lying around. lying around. lying around. and i love knowing that there is a tiny little kick boxer inside my tummy that can wait to come out.

and for now: i got the batteries charged. check out how freakin' adorable the newborn onesies are. can you believe it? i can't.


hairs cuts

our lovely friend liesl came and graciously cut the girls' hairs again. she is more than great, and the girls adore her. which makes it easy for a hairdresser because they stay still!

our camera battery is dead, so i can describe them as this:
lucy's bob is back to being a bob,
abby has bangs. hoorah. we are almost mullet free people.

i made sure they didn't have a ramona quimby haircut. mom, why did i have this haircut until i was about 9? why? why? why?


this totally makes up for everything

reading prior post makes me look like a total frump-a-lump stay at home mormmy mom. oh well, it doesn't matter, because guess what?


yes, i had to use cap locks so that you understand what a BIG DEAL THIS IS. i haven't blowed out my hair for a good, long, i won't tell you how long of time. so i sacrificed my butt to a chair for 15 minutes today. is it perfect? no, but it was worth it. so very, very worth it.


aim high

here is a small start to my goals for post-baby.
HIKE Y ONCE A WEEK (it may take me awhile to finally do the whole thing, but i'm still excited and lucy wants to train w/ me)






homemade rhubarb pie from our garden


ATTEND MUTUAL EVERY WEEK (this is tough as ty has scouts at same time, but i'm hoping to at least make opening exercises)





we just woke up to eggs, toast and bacon cooked by daddy. i know you're jealous.


sunday thoughts

Some keep the Sabbath going to the Church —
I keep it, staying at Home —
With a Bobolink for a Chorister —
And an Orchard, for a Dome —

Some keep the Sabbath in Surplice —
I just wear my Wings —
And instead of tolling the Bell, for Church,
Our little Sexton — sings.

God preaches, a noted Clergyman —
And the sermon is never long,
So instead of getting to Heaven, at last —
I'm going, all along.
Emily Dickinson-324

and i read this while the fam was at church


daily daily

just to let you know,i am now posting every day and i probably will keep this up unless i have an unusually bad day, or i am holding a precious little butterball. i expect posting to slow dramatically then as i will not want to touch a computer or a book for ages.

but i find myself today feeling down, blue, and tired. all of our company left, and our house is quiet. and i. i am still on our couch.

can i do this for at least another five more weeks? i don't feel like it.

but i must try. heaven help me i am going to keep lying down.

ps-anyone who has said bedrest is easy obviously didn't have two rambunctious monkeys in the house. because guess what...bed rest with kids sucks eggs.


getting ready

since last week my personal shoppers have actively been purchasing baby items for crossing off my list. we now have lots of white onesies, burp cloths, binkies and other necessities.

because, look! we are having a baby. here is baby in all it's leavitt glory:
the girls have been busy naming the baby. so far they both like,

be rest assured, whether boy or girl, it will not be named any of these names. and big thank yous to all of our helpers. this baby is definitely feeling the love. now if it would just stop kicking me in the bladder.

*you're welcome joshlyn : )



i look back at some recent posts and realize i am doing a whole lot of whining. and then i look at my header and realize i am supposed to be cheerful if it kills me. well world, looks like my words have bitten me in the butt for yet another time. oh, the irony of it all.
so this is me, being cheerful,and sharing a completely embarrassing story for you so that you can laugh,laugh hard. at me. because this made me laugh at myself as well.

last week lucy was having some 'going potty' problems that required a trip to the doctor. dear heavens why am i always in a doctors office? ok, enough with the whining. so we have a successful trip to dr. and our heading home.
here i am, on bed rest, but finding myself driving a car! the control was exhilarating. so what's the first thing i want to do? go see nienie's house. yes, i know, totally sounds like stalking right? oh no. it's not, because my other leader in young women's told me that her sister knows nienie's sister and told her where they live. see, not stalking. and it just so happens to be a roundabout way to our house. it's actually a place i have run by many,many times. before bed rest of course.
ok,back to driving in the car. we take the detour. we start getting closer so i'm casually glancing at houses. luckily we are behind a ups truck also driving slow, a perfect cover-up for my non-stalking drive home. and then i look, and there is mr. nielson watering their lawn. who gently smiles at us, just like any normal person would, but what do i do? i look away in shock. holy crap! it's mr. neilson! just at that moment the ups driver stops in middle of road. and i am stuck trying not to look at amazing nienie's house and her amazing husband, and trying not to look like a stalker at the same time. too late. he knew. i drove home mortified.

told my sister and she replied, "i am going to tell everyone!" too late danna, i spilled the beans.

i am a stalker. i took blog stalking to the next level. please don't report me.

and i might add, they have a lovely little home. and watered yard.


heat wave

the heat of july has brought many things to our home.

-heat, but nothing like our hometown. holy moly i don't know how you guys are surviving.

-the duldrums

-hyperactive/dramatic/whiney/fighting children (seriously, some WWF fights have had to be broken apart.) the only consolation is that bill and mel report equal craziness lately with their kids. must be the solar eclipse.

-lots of tv and movies

-family and friends visiting, which was lovely

-another l&D trip- with contractions 2-4 mins apart. can you say fun, fun, FUN? don't worry, the hospital had espn and we are back to normal now(for us)and home.

we are hanging in here. july is almost over and we must be the only family counting down. so of course, it's going by slowly.

just letting you all in on our status, so far, so good.

until tomorrow. he he.


29 weeks and thinking

i had an epiphany yesterday. i am having a baby. don't laugh, i know that i'm pregnant. i've known this for quite some time. but tomorrow is the 29th week monument. (i actually believe it was 4 days ago, due date, shmu date) this is a big deal. if born now, heaven forbid, the baby has over a 90% chance of living. this means that someday, somehow, hopefully a lot later, we and hubsters will bring home a baby. real live, burping, eating, pooping baby.

and hello, i have nothing ready. yes, it is because we don't know the gender. yadayadayada. but we are talking basics here, like diapers, wipes, swings, burp cloths, onesies, binkies etc.

so i made my list,and someone who loves me lots and lots will be going to walmart and target to get this stuff for me. applicants needed : ).

and this is the rub, what about all this new age stuff that i have never had but somehow feel the peer pressure to buy? namely,

*baby slings. we have always had our baby bjorn, and i feel good about this. i don't think i am a good candidate for a sling. i would be the mom walking around with my shirt pulled up and undies flashing. or, gasp, i can see the baby slipping out of that sling. how do they work?

*the bumbo. looks really cool. can't imagine dropping the bills for it.

*decorated wipey cases. we always just went home with the free hospital case. i mean, is it more pleasant wiping crap when your case is cute? confusing.

*designer diaper bags. really? 200 bones for a diaper carrier? we have a great skip hop though, totally recommend one to all y'alls. works awesome.

*super posh strollers. they get nicer every year. ours is not that nice.

but do we need any of these things? nope.

so here i am, sounding just like my mom. "when i was your age, we had none of those things. and we were fine"



means strawberries
and lots
of strawberries
& musical kitchen marching bands


surfing surfing

i can honestly say that i spend way too much time on the computer now that our laptop is hooked up. at first i was so excited. something to fill up the time! a way to stay connected to the world! alas...i have found some really fun sites. but in the end i still am adhd and would rather be doing something.

so far, some great sites have been:

i'm sure you have already all heard and read nienie. if not, do it. she is an amazing wife and mother of four who is recovering from a horrific, near fatal plane crash. oh, and she's only 4 months older than me.

crafty nest

lovely site with fun DIY home project decorating ideas.

design mom

another great mother of five. living in new york and making it all look effortless and chic.

sensibly styled

great modest clothing website for us mormies. awesome.

but i hope you don't look these sites up today. it is much too beautiful outside. please go for a walk for me. and play tag with your kids. and 50 jumping jacks. my kids love jumping jacks. especially watching you make a fool out of yourself doing them.thanks.


what's for dinner?

this is in my kitchen right now,

and i love it. why would i love this? because

#1, i'm not using my kitchen, so why not daddy?

#2, this keeps daddy 10 ft away from my resting place (sounds like i'm dead huh?)

#3, 10 ft away means personal assistant to me and the girls, we just have to wait for him to wash up with gojo.

#4, i love my grease monkey, motor head husband. as my mom always says, "You Pick Your Battles"

#5, speaking of picking battles, do you see all those sparkling clean dishes? : )



the other day i was feeling sorry for myself and had a good cry out on my pillow. i was actually so loud it lured ty into the room to check on me.

apparently through my sobs he understood what i said:

i'm tired (of hurting/of laying around/of everything)
i'm sad
i'm sorry this is happening to us
i don't think i can do this much longer

he just rubbed my back and said, "you're a good mom and it's not that much longer"

he couldn't have said anything more perfect.

ty and the girls last spring with uncle trent



i wore my favorite pair of maternity jeans yesterday, and they were tight.

these are the jeans i wore into the hospital (loosely) to deliver abby.

i can't deny that the weight gain bothers me tremendously. it's strange, because i was so oblivious with the other babies. i honestly always felt cute and curvy.

i woke up from a nightmare that i was as big as those motorcycle twins from guiness book of world records. remember them?
i seriously felt my thighs when i woke up to make sure i wasn't that big.

and this is not a plea for all of you to say, "but you look so good!" i admit, i think all pregnant women are beautiful and it is a miracle to behold how our bodies do what they do.

but i know how big my pants are in storage. and i know how big my pants are i'm wearing. it is a simple fact. and bless ty for still telling me i'm fine. mucho bonus points to you mr. leavitt.

but all jean sizes aside and all that other vain stuff, i am carrying a healthy, beautiful baby. seriously, this baby is quite the looker from its snapshots.
i am healthy (although vain).
my husband is healthy.
my children are healthy.
even though they've all been eating way too many corn dogs, pizza, candy and ice cream. they are still healthy. and i will be grateful for that.


lots of stuff

the past week has been a blur...mostly in good ways : )

saturday on the 4th we had a great bbq at the house (thanks to ty's parents) and i felt like a real person at a real social function. tara got great pictures of abby playing in the sprinklers. the girls had a blast running around in their swimsuits with wedgies all night long. i swear, it must be genetic (yes, bill, they get wedgies just like i used to and they are as equally oblivious to it).

anyways...we let both the girls stay up for the fireworks. first in family history, and another first, neither of them bawled their eyes out. it was great! ty drove me over to trent and tara's lawn and set up my 'special' chair as we like to call it and we had a great evening watching the show.

sunday the messers had aus's birthday party up in the canyon and i just couldn't resist. ty and i both thought i would be fine as we drove straight there and i lounged in aforementioned chair the entire time. i was great to see the girls play and be so happy outside. it was a lovely evening. ty's aunt corinne jokingly said, "I'm glad you could come; I hope this doesn't put you into labor." we all laughed.

sunday night things got more uncomfortable than usual-and i didn't say anything to ty hoping my tummy would settle down. monday morning wasn't any different-and the contractions were coming not too close, but not good either. so ty and i sent the girls off with their cousins and headed off for our new "date" spot. labor and delivery. that's right, for only a few hundred dollars we get to spend a few hours alone and watch baseball games and mxc and other stuff that makes us laugh so hard i almost cried.

everything turned out fine in the end. and the nurses were very sympathetic as they could see how crazy my uterus is. don't tell ty i said, that, (uterus) is a banned word in the house now. any other names i can give my baby bjorn organ?

so 3 trips so far to l&d. and home again. which is the usual...we are getting really used to this. and i am trying to take it even "easier" at home. the girls are getting lots of attention from my niece sydney who is in town and that helps a ton.

i think these trips to L&D are payback for all my making fun of moms who do "dry runs" to the hospital. yes ladies, i am paying it back in full and i'm sorry.


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