29 weeks and thinking

i had an epiphany yesterday. i am having a baby. don't laugh, i know that i'm pregnant. i've known this for quite some time. but tomorrow is the 29th week monument. (i actually believe it was 4 days ago, due date, shmu date) this is a big deal. if born now, heaven forbid, the baby has over a 90% chance of living. this means that someday, somehow, hopefully a lot later, we and hubsters will bring home a baby. real live, burping, eating, pooping baby.

and hello, i have nothing ready. yes, it is because we don't know the gender. yadayadayada. but we are talking basics here, like diapers, wipes, swings, burp cloths, onesies, binkies etc.

so i made my list,and someone who loves me lots and lots will be going to walmart and target to get this stuff for me. applicants needed : ).

and this is the rub, what about all this new age stuff that i have never had but somehow feel the peer pressure to buy? namely,

*baby slings. we have always had our baby bjorn, and i feel good about this. i don't think i am a good candidate for a sling. i would be the mom walking around with my shirt pulled up and undies flashing. or, gasp, i can see the baby slipping out of that sling. how do they work?

*the bumbo. looks really cool. can't imagine dropping the bills for it.

*decorated wipey cases. we always just went home with the free hospital case. i mean, is it more pleasant wiping crap when your case is cute? confusing.

*designer diaper bags. really? 200 bones for a diaper carrier? we have a great skip hop though, totally recommend one to all y'alls. works awesome.

*super posh strollers. they get nicer every year. ours is not that nice.

but do we need any of these things? nope.

so here i am, sounding just like my mom. "when i was your age, we had none of those things. and we were fine"


Melanie said...

I know what you mean about all the fancy stuff. :) For #3 I did splurge and get a nursing cover which I loved, but none of the other new-fangled things and Matthew survived, just like Jacob and Emily did with the same exact stuff beforehand.

I would recommend a backpack for your diaper bag though. Another mom of three told me to do that because my hands would be so full so the bag on my shoulder wouldn't fall and hit a kid, and I have loved having a backpack. :)

Lauren said...

He he. Annie your blog makes me laugh. You always say it how it is! And its so true.
I agree with Mel on the backpack thing.
And yay!! You are getting closer to D-day :)

Anonymous said...

90% chance...I like the sound of that. Yes, there are more and more cute baby things and gadgets but when I had my third I felt overloaded with crap and we didn't buy any of that fancy stuff. My opinion...fancy, cute things just turn into clutter and crap when you have too much. (or maybe I'm just choose)

Terril Family said...

Baby Sling= not necessary. Baby Bjorn just as good if not better.

Bumbo chair= not as much as one would think. Great item!

Decorated Wipey Case= make it yourself for $3.00

Designer Diaper Bag= would love one but I cant afford either.

Posh Stroller= yeah, we never use the temperature tracker or the cooled commpartment or any of the bells and whistles on our posh stroller. The regular ones still get child from point A to point B.

Good luck!

Annie Leavitt said...

yes mel, backpack is on my list along with a hooter hider. love that name : )

Jed Wheeler Family said...

I splurged on a swing. Big mistake, the kid hates the swing and the big sis tried to dump it over.
BTW are we in trouble and thus expelled from the blog list?

Carrie said...

I can't believe your pregnancy is almost over! Crazy!! Good luck with everything these last few weeks!!

Becky J. said...

Stay strong! You really don't need any of those things! Your mom is right! :)

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