let freedom ring

lucy, abigail and cousin evelyn at baseball game
has it only been two days?
i can't even remember what it was like before saturday.

we have gone to daddy's baseball game (thanks for the picture tara)
we had a wonderful date night and ate at one of our favorite restauraunts.
i went to church. church!
and saw my friends. and took the sacrament.
and felt all spiritual like.

i made sunday dinner. i heart sunday dinners.
and spent time with ty's siblings and our friends.
i scrubbed my fridge and kitchen counters.
i went to a store with lucy. a store!
i helped lucy clean her room, and brush her teeth, and eat lunch.
and play hide and go seek. not in that order.

abby and i went for a walk and visited neighbors.
and played on the swings.

i feel free.
i feel alive.
i feel very grateful.
i feel different...in a good way.

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.
Nelson Mandela


au revoir

they say the hardest part of a marathon is the last three miles.

i think the hardest part of bed rest is these last two days (ok, not really because the bed rest thing was horrible the whole entire time). because
so i grabbed this book i borrowed from jandee and jumped in. goal: to finish by tomorrow afternoon. from whence i will polish and primp, pack my bags (yes, bags) for my overnight date with ty. shout hallelujah & let the choirs sing, a real date. with a real restaurant. and maybe even a movie. and a walk downtown. and sleeping in.

i'll miss my kids of course. wink. wink. but i'll see them again on saturday morning. don't expect a post anytime soon because i will be thoroughly enjoying our walks to the playground and duck pond and dropping off thank you cards and cookies for every amazing lady who helped take care of my children and husband these last three months.

disclaimer: i think some people are under the assumption that once off bed rest we will be trying to have a baby. ty and i know better, we've seen what happens to babies who come too early. we are both strongly opposed to trying to induce labor before full term.
the quite opposite is the truth for us. we will no longer be actively trying not to have a baby and are happy if i can stay pregnant this entire month. because guess what suckers, every day i am pregnant the baby is healthy, happy, and building fat deposits. and so will i.



we are celebrating.
friday is my last official day on bed rest
monday is ty's last first day of fall semester
what better way to do it than with roller skates and donuts?


all better. but wait...

24hr stomach flu is over. so far no other members of this household caught the bug. phew.

so abby is feeling mucho better after nap time and skips outside to swing. and just so happens to run into 2 wasps that just really wanted to sting her fingers. now that's just bad luck. but again, she's our little champ and felt much better when we told her that daddy and mommy and lucy and have all been stung by a wasp. misery loves company right?

we still are quarantined for another day because i would feel so badly if we passed this bug on to anyone else.

so we are playing outside and enjoying the sunshine, cloud bursts, and lucy's adorable new 'back to school' shoes.

we got the pink. delicious.


oh boy

it seems as if it wasn't exactly car sickness that caused abby to barf,
as she has still been heaving all night long.
poor thing. she's taking it like a champ though.

i'm just praying it's a 24hr thing and not 48.

abby and the ghost. august 2009


in nature

today we took the opportunity of not having church for the girls in the morning and headed up into the canyon. the girls ran around with ty marveling at every rock, animal, branch and stream. we ate a few snacks in the car driving through the aspen loop. we found out that abigail too gets carsick and will throw up all over just like lucy used to. with no announcement. i felt great, i still feel great. it was a beautiful morning (aside from the puke).

once we got home and cleaned up (thanks ty for spraying out the car seat and clothes). i thought about how much i love being outside, and why.

and then i remembered.

when i was around 9 or 10 we were out on a hike while camping with my mom. i took a turn around the bend and came to a breathtaking view of two huge valleys in the heart of nevada. as i sat there, i felt from the top of my head to the bottom of my toes these two things:
one. there is a God
two. that He loves me

i'm a lot older now, but i still know this to be true. and i feel those truths, along with many, many, others every single time i am blessed enough to be out in nature.


dear dairy,

dear dairy,

i'm afraid to tell you my dear that our little love affair is coming close to an end.in the next month i will have a new baby, and that is when i just can't see you anymore. i have to choose between you or a happy child, and i choose the latter. please don't take it personally. it's just that my babies can't do dairy. don't ask me why, but they can't. it's not just me though, 7 out of 10 newborns have some kind of milk protein intolerance, it seems that babies in general can't handle your utter goodness (ha ha ha). it leads to blow outs and/or constipation, colic, gerd, excessive spit up, tight tummies,fussy sleepers, and unhappiness. lucy only couldn't handle you for a few months, and that was bearable. but abigail, well, she just couldn't be around you for over a year. don't fret though, they both are fond friends with you now,please don't forget that. it's just that while i nurse them, it means we have to be apart.

but i can't leave you without telling you what a beautiful time we have had together these past several months. it has been wonderful for me, and i know the feeling is mutual. i have reveled in your quesadillas, cheesy lasagna, peanut buster parfaits, mounds of cold stone, cheese sticks, slices of cheddar, cheesecake, cozy shack puddings, creme brule, cottage cheese, yogurt, feta salads and turkey and provolones. i know i'll cry a little when i buy the costco pack of soy milk. i'm going to really miss you, i hope you know that.

with a fond farewell,


i'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this baby skips the intolerance gene. xoxoxo


i like these

ty collects baseball cards. i know, i know, but not in a weird way. he collects extremely cool and extremely expensive baseball cards. see, not weird. he's currently selling some of these extra 1954 ones on ebay. this set and a 1972 set i bought him are my favorites. i love the colors and retro uniforms. i love the players' expressions. if the baby is a boy, i might just decorate the room with these colors and frame some rad cards for the walls.

but alas, we are pretty sure it is a girl and i told ty that
i really want some of these for her chubby legs. aren't they adorable?


let's draw

my bed has been transformed into a haunting ground for the girls. there are crayon marks and fruit snack smudges all over (which i need to add to my nesting list, wash duvet cover). they love how there is plenty of room to play and keep my attention at the same time. so do i, i think it's working well for all of us.

yesterday on the bed abigail drew her first 'people'. i was very proud. she has been working on her circles for a long time, and finally figured out the eyes and stuff.

this is a picture of "gampa, momma, me, lucy and aunt tawyn"
taryn, i'm going to guess that you're the one with 8 arms. and i'm the cyclops. ha ha ha.

and here is lucy's latest rendition of the leavitt fam.

she said she can't draw the baby's face because she doesn't know what it is.
ty and i agree that his pants look like dick van dyke's on mary poppins when he dances with penguins
and we wonder if the chunk missing from my body is where the baby came from?


nothing much

nothing much has been going on here since our visitors left. and can i just say, that i love having visitors? but i also love having it just be our family alone? does that make sense? it might, or it might not, but that's just how i am right now. remember, i am a little crazy.

but here are some fun little tidbits of what has been going on around the leavitt house.

*abby acquired a new word: disgusting.
she uses it to describe something after it breaks. oh, that is just disgusting.
or if she uses the wrong crayon color. disgusting. but luckily, she knows NOT to say that at the dinner table or she will get a time out. smart girl.

*lucy is my favorite lucy. she is so much fun right now. she wants to help and learn how to do everything. but somehow, somewhere, (and definitely not from me) she has the perfectionist gene. she freaks out, and i mean freaks when, oh let's say a puzzle piece won't fit, or abby colors on her page, or touches her craft project (which abby calls crap projects, love it) . anyways, she is fun, and i'm thinking i might just snivel a little when she goes to preschool.

*ty is done with summer term! hoorah! hoorah! only 2 more semesters for my mr. man. and this is amazing if you know ty, because this boy does not like being inside, or sitting at a desk, or taking tests. so hats off to him. speaking of hats, his baseball league started up and he is happy. i am happy. everyone is reaping the benefits of his male bonding time. it's glorious. and...the truck is running. remember this engine he built in our kitchen? well, now it is in the truck and driving around the block and waking up all the neighbors. did i mention it is really really loud? as in, the girls ask for ear plugs to go outside and help him loud? well, it is loud. but apparently that is a very cool, macho thing.

*i am nesting, which is not good. how do you nest and stay in bed at the same time? i just have crazy urges during the day, or even in the middle of the night like:
wanting to wipe down all the baseboards in the house.
organize the utensil drawer
organize the hallway closet
throw away all of the girls toys and start over. it seems like the only logical solution to the mess.
clean the fan and all ceiling fixtures.
organize and spray down back porch.
wash all curtains and dust the blinds.
purge my bookshelves of unnecessary books, and or, ones i want in hardback.
organize the girls' art and drawings
finish labeling my picture albums (ok, this is something i can do right now)
but for now, instead of doing all those necessary, yes NECESSARY, things that have to get done, because the baby will be so offended if the baseboards are dusty. i am embroidering some lovely quilt squares for a dear friend and watching my girls play during the day and movies with ty at night.


still here

we have been thoroughly busy visiting with family, family, family, and more family.

first we enjoyed the rain...

and then grandma treated us with a rain walk to the duck pond...

and then we enjoyed the sun...

and i got crazy and took a picture from my point of view...wowza...

and spent more time outside...

and took more pictures...

and spent more time outside.

it was a beautfiul weekend.


at the lady dr

waiting in the waiting room:

me: so when are you due?
other tired mom: oh, uh, oct. 12th. and you?
me: yeah, oct.1
other tired mom: are you just, like, so done? ( i love utah)
me: yeah, i'm pretty tired of being pregnant
other tired mom: this pregancy, wow, i am just so done. it's my second.
me: yeah, i hear ya. this is my third.
other tired mom: i just don't know how i'm going to make it
me: yeah, me neither. (nurse calls my name) well, hang in there. (smile)
other tired mom: you too. (smile)

i can only think of two things after this conversation:
1. there is nothing better than meeting another woman who is due after you. i don't know what it is, but it is just so gratifying to know you are ahead of someone.
2. i say yeah, like, way too many times.

this is my, "i'm just, like, so done" 33 week pose

ps- how do you spell yeah? yeah? or ya? and how do you spell yeah? as in, yay! confusing.


seen and heard

mom, just watch ok? this is the right way to pet a snail.

wow. thanks lucy. you are so good at that.

now go wash your hands.


on the first day

we go to...
drumroll please...
labor and delivery.

that's right folks. and before you start hitting your head on the keyboard and moaning, oh my frozen popsicles, if i have to read one more sentence about this lady's baby making parts i am going to barf, you need to realize that this is my personal journal that i go back to read and reminisce with. so there. i suggest you stop reading if you really can't handle it.
because guess what, i am dilating. yes, you heard me. i just talked about my cervix and this is not good. i am getting very desperate if i'm willing to broadcast this to the world. but i really did not want to keep taking my butt shots every week (16 and counting) just to be dilating. and effacing. no i did not. but it's ok. we are not in dangerous territory yet. just this is the only time in my life that i don't like 'change'. and my buttocks are really, very sore.

i know i have a good ob. i know he is very good at delivering babies. which is why i picked him. is he very good at being compassionate and understanding for a woman who is on the verge of losing her mind with all this contracting & ridiculous trips to the hospital? no.
but that's life for you.
no one is perfect.

my main complaint? i want drugs. i need drugs. i need to make it 4 more weeks without writhing in pain at night. and now, everyone is saying but what about the baby? do you want a crack baby? no, i don't. i just want a break. some sweet, sweet medicated relief.
is that too much to ask?

apparently. apparently, it is. and now. and now, i am done whining.


on the seventh day

we rest.
ty must have read a good book because all 3 of them are still snoozing as i type

but yesterday...
we played

in case you were wondering, lucy 'decorated' abby's hair with this from our tree.
and abby liked it?


dream weaver

could this post title be any cheesier? i think not.
every mom knows that someday, near the end of the pregnancy, sleep eludes you. it packs it's bags and goes on an extended vacation. the first time it happens it seems so offensive. why are you leaving? what did i do? can i apologize and have you back? but then you realize that this was God's way of preparing you for a newborn (but not until after your baby is 2, it takes that long to figure it out). i think it makes it less personal, you and insomnia are friends now, he replaced sleep as your friend. but not a good friend, just one you tolerate. but oh, you would love to sleep for 6 hrs straight on your stomach. oh, oh oh, that's the first thing i want. and sleep comes back to stay, not like ever before. but it comes, someday it comes. i always make sure of that.
because: mommy-sleep=crazies

so sleep is eluding me. and i'm accepting it. c'mon, everyone needs a vacation right? so i just lay there, thinking happy thoughts, distracting myself from the pain and trying to remember my dreams.because if there is any consolation to pregnancy hormones, it's the ability to have crazy person dreams in those few short minutes of sleep that make you laugh. and laugh. and laugh.

for example:
remember when i dreamt i was as big as the guiness twins? last night i dreamt that we had the baby and were heading home. hooray! (i hope we only had to stay at the hospital for 12 hrs. wouldn't that be lovely?) and in comes the nurse with the wheelchair. i look at it, and realize, there is no way i'm going to fit. no way. i consider asking if they have that in a Large size, please. but these come in one size fits all. so what does that mean if i can't fit in it? not good people, this is not good. honestly, that's how the dream ended, me standing there wondering how i was going to squeeze in between those handrests. but i was holding a baby, so i think that washed away most of the anxiety.



good news

my cousin stephanie and her family are moving to phoenix this month.
and they are coming to the curtis hacienda at thanksgiving break.i think i'm almost as excited as her lukie is in this photo
(lucy and luke, thanksgiving 2005)

more good news: i hit 32 weeks yesterday. this is a huge milestone. yeah for baby!


pitter pat

can you tell how happy we were when it rained yesterday?

ps-abby leigh has the snivels. yuck.


grocery woes

my dear friend becky posted about her recent grocery trip with kids. oh, don't you just love those? hers wasn't about her kids though, just another customer. but it got me thinking about all the failed, embarrassing meltdown trips i have had with the girls over the years. my all time favorite. lucy started to freak out over something, probably because i wouldn't open the fruit snacks right there (yeah, don't start that one) and i showed my angry face to her right when a nice little old lady was walking by. and i kid you not, lucy shields her face with her hands and screams, screams at the top of her lungs "don't hit me!" ugh, as if! but you should have seen that old lady, i'm sure her ticker stopped for a second. she was aghast. but overall, the good trips have outnumbered the bad. and you are saying,what? successful shopping trips with children? oh yes, we almost always have great trips. and i'll tell you why.

my mom.

she taught me all the tricks and trades to master successful shopping trips with kids. and she should know, as she had seven. it's called damage control.

#1-keep the children in the cart
i've never,ever,ever,ever let a toddler out of the cart. ever.not even once.okay, maybe if they barf or need to go to the bathroom. but other than that, containment is key.

#2-we are not allowed to ask for things. we can say things like, "wow, i really like those." or, "remember when we all had those" and "those are good!". but it is a nono to say, "i want that mommy!"

#3-don't shop during snack times or meal times.

#4-no whining. but this is a rule we have for every day, twenty-four-seven. i have considered having it tattooed on my forehead.

and it really helps to make 'practice' runs. this is where you purposefully take a shopping trip knowing that you might not buy anything. once the kiddos know the rules, they know that if they don't follow them, you are putting the cart away and going home.no matter what. luckily, i only had to do this twice with lucy. abby just sort of caught on.

and the most important tip of all. try not to shop with your kids at all. i know, makes me sound like a cold mom, but if you can find time to shop alone, e.g. early morning (i've gone at 5:30 am before) or late at night, do it! but lots of times i don't have the luxury, or don't want to sacrifice husband time for the store. this is when the tips come in handy.


i knew

did i ever mention that ty loves babies? he loves babies. this is one of the main reasons (besides that he's a total hunk) that i married him. during the akward dating years of high school, he a grown 17 year old boy, would let my nieces dress him up in jewelry and robes and parade him around the house. and he liked it. and not in a weird cross-dressing way. when another baby was born you could see him waiting to hold it. once married he was more vocal, "my turn annie". everyone tells me how lucky i am to have a husband who is so great with kids. i always answer, "it's not luck. i knew". now, when our friends and family have babies we hope, and pray, and beg that they will let us come and visit them at the hospital. something about a new, new, few hours old baby, he loves. and i love. probably why we have so many kids.

i remember the night we were in labor with lucy. the whole "birth" thing was new to us. we had tried to handle discreteness by having a female o.b., who of course, was out of town, so that bubble was bursted soon. thank goodness. another precaution was that ty and i agreed he didn't have to look any more south than my sparkling eyes during the whole process. we were very prepared to be meek and demure. and then, when things were getting closer. and we had had plenty of hours to get chummy with our nurse, she exclaimed, "look at that hair!" and ty looked, and saw lucy, and he beamed. he was transformed. no meekness or demureness needed. he was sold. he could see his little girl. the entire moment changed him. he was pretty stoked to get her out. he coached me and helped me and watched the entire time. and then she was born. and he was a dad. and that smile is one i will never forget. no matter what.

i saw that smile again when abby came into the world. it was faster though, and harder to catch. as abby flew out quicker than a speeding bullet. i am not joking you. we were all in shock. me. the dr. ty. how did that happen so fast? and then things were fuzzy for me afterwards, which is par for course for any mom. can you say blur?

and now, i get to see that smile again. and hopefully a little more slower than abby, please baby come out one shoulder at a time, thank you very much. and i am excited. because i haven't forgotten how much ty loves his babies. loves that moment they are born. and i always knew he would.


check it

the ladies at sensibly styled so graciously helped me out with my frump prob.

sweet huh?


today started off like most of our mondays have been. ty and the girls 'working' on things in the garage. the engine is now in the truck, so no more mr. personal servant. but he keeps the girls entertained. and then we all eat breakfast together. ty and i have noticed the girls do better when we are as 'normal' as possible. so i eat up at the table just like 'normal' people do.

ty and abby head off to walmart. where he forgets to buy fresh flowers and is genuinely sad that he did. i crave fresh flowers, and it has been my one(well,one of many) demands since being a shut in. but he did remember to buy me the super, jumbo-sized pads that every girl needs after having a baby. oh yeah, i went there. one thing NO ONE told me about with lucy. seriously, everyone tells you every horror birth story known to mankind but doesn't even hint that you need to buy 9 months worth of pads? what is up? well, i am stocked up now.

lucy went to a dear little friends house to play. she is getting sad, all her friends from church and preschool are off to kindergarten in a few weeks. her preschool starts in september. it just doesn't seem to be coming fast enough for any of us.

i am still on the couch. people ask how i am doing. i am doing well. feeling very positive and grateful for my experiences. feeling embarrassed that i have complained so much about bed rest. feeling amazed that we will have a baby. the joke is on us now, we tell people we only have about 3 1/2 weeks of bed rest left.(only 25 days to be exact) then we laugh that this baby won't want to come out. i don't blame it though. who would? lying around 24/7 with dairy queen and pizza. what's better than that?

so i freak out, and ask ty. "what if all this was for nothing? what if we mooched all this help for forever and go off bed rest and nothing happens and i go overdue?" gasp. gasp. freak. and he so calmly, as he always does, replies, "and what would be wrong with that?" i guess... nothing. it would be exactly what we want, a big healthy baby.
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