all better. but wait...

24hr stomach flu is over. so far no other members of this household caught the bug. phew.

so abby is feeling mucho better after nap time and skips outside to swing. and just so happens to run into 2 wasps that just really wanted to sting her fingers. now that's just bad luck. but again, she's our little champ and felt much better when we told her that daddy and mommy and lucy and have all been stung by a wasp. misery loves company right?

we still are quarantined for another day because i would feel so badly if we passed this bug on to anyone else.

so we are playing outside and enjoying the sunshine, cloud bursts, and lucy's adorable new 'back to school' shoes.

we got the pink. delicious.


Rawson Family said...

No fun Abby. I never like seeing my children with the flu, we just got over it a couple weeks ago.

Carrie said... they sell those shoes in big-kid sizes? I want some! :-) Poor Abby--getting stung by wasps sucks at any age!

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