au revoir

they say the hardest part of a marathon is the last three miles.

i think the hardest part of bed rest is these last two days (ok, not really because the bed rest thing was horrible the whole entire time). because
so i grabbed this book i borrowed from jandee and jumped in. goal: to finish by tomorrow afternoon. from whence i will polish and primp, pack my bags (yes, bags) for my overnight date with ty. shout hallelujah & let the choirs sing, a real date. with a real restaurant. and maybe even a movie. and a walk downtown. and sleeping in.

i'll miss my kids of course. wink. wink. but i'll see them again on saturday morning. don't expect a post anytime soon because i will be thoroughly enjoying our walks to the playground and duck pond and dropping off thank you cards and cookies for every amazing lady who helped take care of my children and husband these last three months.

disclaimer: i think some people are under the assumption that once off bed rest we will be trying to have a baby. ty and i know better, we've seen what happens to babies who come too early. we are both strongly opposed to trying to induce labor before full term.
the quite opposite is the truth for us. we will no longer be actively trying not to have a baby and are happy if i can stay pregnant this entire month. because guess what suckers, every day i am pregnant the baby is healthy, happy, and building fat deposits. and so will i.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for dates!!!

Carrie said...

Have fun! And good luck not having a baby!

Lauren said...

He he.
"Good luck NOT having a baby!!"
And have fun on your date!

Tam said...

Happy Friday!!!!

Rawson Family said...

How fun, and good luck!

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