i knew

did i ever mention that ty loves babies? he loves babies. this is one of the main reasons (besides that he's a total hunk) that i married him. during the akward dating years of high school, he a grown 17 year old boy, would let my nieces dress him up in jewelry and robes and parade him around the house. and he liked it. and not in a weird cross-dressing way. when another baby was born you could see him waiting to hold it. once married he was more vocal, "my turn annie". everyone tells me how lucky i am to have a husband who is so great with kids. i always answer, "it's not luck. i knew". now, when our friends and family have babies we hope, and pray, and beg that they will let us come and visit them at the hospital. something about a new, new, few hours old baby, he loves. and i love. probably why we have so many kids.

i remember the night we were in labor with lucy. the whole "birth" thing was new to us. we had tried to handle discreteness by having a female o.b., who of course, was out of town, so that bubble was bursted soon. thank goodness. another precaution was that ty and i agreed he didn't have to look any more south than my sparkling eyes during the whole process. we were very prepared to be meek and demure. and then, when things were getting closer. and we had had plenty of hours to get chummy with our nurse, she exclaimed, "look at that hair!" and ty looked, and saw lucy, and he beamed. he was transformed. no meekness or demureness needed. he was sold. he could see his little girl. the entire moment changed him. he was pretty stoked to get her out. he coached me and helped me and watched the entire time. and then she was born. and he was a dad. and that smile is one i will never forget. no matter what.

i saw that smile again when abby came into the world. it was faster though, and harder to catch. as abby flew out quicker than a speeding bullet. i am not joking you. we were all in shock. me. the dr. ty. how did that happen so fast? and then things were fuzzy for me afterwards, which is par for course for any mom. can you say blur?

and now, i get to see that smile again. and hopefully a little more slower than abby, please baby come out one shoulder at a time, thank you very much. and i am excited. because i haven't forgotten how much ty loves his babies. loves that moment they are born. and i always knew he would.


Tam said...

i love this, so tender, funny, and well written; a very special post.

Lauren said...

Ah! I'm like crying a little!
Great post Annie!

Jed Wheeler Family said...

Holy crap Annie you startled me. I saw the title "I just knew", and saw Ty holding a brand new baby girl and I thought you had a baby last night! That being said...
Ty is good with new babies!

The Dunne Family said...

I have to admit that once I saw the baby I knew the post wasn't about your new baby yet to come. For some wierd reason I just feel like I "know" that your little one will be a boy. Who knows why or where that conviction came from!!

But mmmm - yes. I love recapturing with Dakota and in my own personal thoughts those special times when each new, different, and life changing child comes into this world. Awe inspiring. Thanks for the reminder.

Becky J. said...

How sweet! I think we've talked about this before, but that's something I totally knew about Joseph before I married him, too, and it's one of the reasons I fell for him. I wouldn't say he loves babies nearly the way Ty does, but he is good with kids and is such a good daddy, and I knew he would be. What lucky girls we are! I can't wait to see pics of Ty with his newborn! Just a few more weeks, baby!

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