today started off like most of our mondays have been. ty and the girls 'working' on things in the garage. the engine is now in the truck, so no more mr. personal servant. but he keeps the girls entertained. and then we all eat breakfast together. ty and i have noticed the girls do better when we are as 'normal' as possible. so i eat up at the table just like 'normal' people do.

ty and abby head off to walmart. where he forgets to buy fresh flowers and is genuinely sad that he did. i crave fresh flowers, and it has been my one(well,one of many) demands since being a shut in. but he did remember to buy me the super, jumbo-sized pads that every girl needs after having a baby. oh yeah, i went there. one thing NO ONE told me about with lucy. seriously, everyone tells you every horror birth story known to mankind but doesn't even hint that you need to buy 9 months worth of pads? what is up? well, i am stocked up now.

lucy went to a dear little friends house to play. she is getting sad, all her friends from church and preschool are off to kindergarten in a few weeks. her preschool starts in september. it just doesn't seem to be coming fast enough for any of us.

i am still on the couch. people ask how i am doing. i am doing well. feeling very positive and grateful for my experiences. feeling embarrassed that i have complained so much about bed rest. feeling amazed that we will have a baby. the joke is on us now, we tell people we only have about 3 1/2 weeks of bed rest left.(only 25 days to be exact) then we laugh that this baby won't want to come out. i don't blame it though. who would? lying around 24/7 with dairy queen and pizza. what's better than that?

so i freak out, and ask ty. "what if all this was for nothing? what if we mooched all this help for forever and go off bed rest and nothing happens and i go overdue?" gasp. gasp. freak. and he so calmly, as he always does, replies, "and what would be wrong with that?" i guess... nothing. it would be exactly what we want, a big healthy baby.

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Trent & Tara said...

That would be hard for you but great for the baby. THere is nothing better than a healthy baby!! but is not easy to say or think that especially for you who has been on bed rest. I am glad you got help with the frumps. ha ha

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