on the first day

we go to...
drumroll please...
labor and delivery.

that's right folks. and before you start hitting your head on the keyboard and moaning, oh my frozen popsicles, if i have to read one more sentence about this lady's baby making parts i am going to barf, you need to realize that this is my personal journal that i go back to read and reminisce with. so there. i suggest you stop reading if you really can't handle it.
because guess what, i am dilating. yes, you heard me. i just talked about my cervix and this is not good. i am getting very desperate if i'm willing to broadcast this to the world. but i really did not want to keep taking my butt shots every week (16 and counting) just to be dilating. and effacing. no i did not. but it's ok. we are not in dangerous territory yet. just this is the only time in my life that i don't like 'change'. and my buttocks are really, very sore.

i know i have a good ob. i know he is very good at delivering babies. which is why i picked him. is he very good at being compassionate and understanding for a woman who is on the verge of losing her mind with all this contracting & ridiculous trips to the hospital? no.
but that's life for you.
no one is perfect.

my main complaint? i want drugs. i need drugs. i need to make it 4 more weeks without writhing in pain at night. and now, everyone is saying but what about the baby? do you want a crack baby? no, i don't. i just want a break. some sweet, sweet medicated relief.
is that too much to ask?

apparently. apparently, it is. and now. and now, i am done whining.


The Leavitts said...

You make me want to never be pregnant again, haha, you remind me of all the not so fun stuff you have to go through before getting your little bundle of joy!!
I hope that you can keep that little baby inside of you for at least a few more weeks, im sorry id rather listen to you complain about your pains than have "it" (can i call "it" "it"?) early!!
I dilated at 33 weeks with Grace and i kept her in the oven till 37 weeks so there's hope!!
If you need to vent im here!!!

Annie Leavitt said...

i know jess. brings back memories. you seemed to handle it so much better than i am though : )
and for all you ladies, it's not that much change, i'm 32 weeks. 1cm dialated and 60% effaced. details, schmetails, right?

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