in the meantime

still working on being patient... but in the meantime we have done a lot of fun stuff, of course with no pictures. argh.
  • we have happily been cleaning out the provo library of all their good books.
  • feeding the many ducks on campus and frolicking in the foliage.
  • hiking rock canyon (with the girls, so we made it, like, 200 feet)
  • backyard play time
  • pizza picnics
  • walks, walks, walks, and oh yeah, more walks.
  • play dates
  • cleaning house
  • walks, walks, walks, and oh yeah, more walks
amazingly, i am seeing all the benefits that my stint on bedrest has done for my family. namely, my children play together. well. what a blessing to me. i can easily scrub down the bathroom and do laundry while they role play with dress ups and polly pockets. somehow, in all that i can pick up, some damsel is always in distress. should i worry? i have also found that i am very content with a quiet life. we are happy just running the home and getting out to do calm things. when we do get in the car, classical 89 is rockin'. which means the girls are swaying quietly in their car seats and my blood pressure lowers. this morning was the best west side story piano medley. beautiful.

ty's hand is less swollen, thank goodness. we were pretty sure it was going to die and fall off. the pain has subsided and he has learned how to be quite resourceful with just one hand. he can still work, phew, but can't scoop his own ice-cream. hmm, i think i might be dooped on that one.

the baby
is still here. as in, in me. this is such a blessing to our family, and yet, such a surprise at the same time. apparently this happens to a lot of bed rest ladies. it looks as though the hormone therapy we took to keep the baby in is still working (a little too well in my opinion). so we are waiting for the baby, but apparently after my visit today, some things are warranting an induction on monday if i haven't gone by then. so, here i am, ms. iwillneverbeinducedinmylife at the mercy of her messed up body. but, if it is medically necessary for baby, than it is what it is.
but please, dear little body, go into labor on your own. i would really appreciate that. thanks.

*i find myself worrying about the craziest things now. i worry about my blood pressure. about the baby's heart rate, i worry about if it's moving enough, i worry if i gave it brain damage from the crap that i ate. i worry about autism. i worry about down syndrome. i worry about webbed feet and crossed eyes and loss of hearing and learning disabilities. i worry a lot.

but i opened my scriptures this morning and this is what i read:
"And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;"
Luke 18:1



The Good Ol Days said...

Annie! I love to read your blog! I was thinking.....if the baby had webbed feet she/he would be cool and amazing and a really good swimmer so don't let that worry you! :)
PS, I hope its okay that I read your blog!

my name is becky kelly said...

... and please bless that Annie's baby will come out before monday. amen.

Becky J. said...

I love that picture. I've seen its original here in a museum not far from us, and it's beautiful. I'm so glad you are seeing other good things that came from being on bed rest, other than the most important one of keeping that baby in you. I can't wait for my girls to play well together! I see little hints of it now and then, and then they just start to fight again. Grrr.... Hang in there, and stop worrying! It will all be okay!

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