my current baby

i find myself watching abigail more and more closely every day.

i'm trying to remember and memorize how she is right now, as my baby.
her voice, her funny facial expressions, how she skips and bounces through life.
i love that she likes to kill ants.
i love that she can out eat any of us at a restaurant.
i love that she has private places to go poop.
i love her buddha belly and chest tube scars.
i love her frizzy hair that reminds me of mine.
i love how kind she can be.
i love that it takes her an hour to walk around the block.
i love her schizophrenic mood swings.
i love her made up songs.
i love that sometimes i still can't understand entire paragraphs of her speech.

i love my baby.
but soon she will be a middle child. and stay a middle child for forever, and ever, and ever.
i feel kind of guilty about that, but what can you do?

we love you abby.
especially when you go outside to cry it out on the steps.

so sad


Melanie said...

To go from the baby to the middle child - I felt the same about Jacob too. :)

me said...

I survived being the middle child. She will too! We make sure we are heard, seen and everything else! Watch out!!!!

Rawson Family said...

I love the pictures. She sounds tough enough, and kind enough to be the middle child. Trust me I know. She will be OK, I was.(sometimes)

Rawson Family said...

Oh Ya, congrats on making it through bed rest. Go have some good fun.

Court said...

Carys is my middle child. I always felt like I missed out on her "baby" phase because Afton came so quickly and my attention was quickly averted to her. It's good that you're taking the time to really take in the person that Abigail is right now...they change too quickly :)

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