my feet are fat

my brother graciously pointed out to me last night that my last post sounded a little desperate. what? me, desperate? really, i just thought it would be fun to have a baby on labor day. pun intended. i did not mean to come across as moping around the house complaining that i haven't had the baby yet. i really don't want to be that woman. i do complain a lot, but i realize some of you readers may not know that i am almost always being sarcastic. but, for my sanity's sake, and the sake of this rambling, i will post some things that i will, and will not miss after the baby is born. whenever that may be. i think all of you who said i'm going to go to 42 weeks and have to be induced might just have been on to something. how does it feel to be right?

things i won't miss:
my fat swollen feet by the end of the day
having to build up momentum to roll out of bed
bumping my children in the head while trying to walk around them
180 daily potty trips
greasy hormonal hair
having food stuck to my shirt that i cannot see
unintentional public flatulence
doctors' offices
and people asking any day now?
labor and delivery

things i will miss:
having lots of time for just me and the girls
alone time at night with ty
traveling without having to stop
eating whatever i please
feeling the baby move
elastic waistbands


Terril Family said...

I wished to labor last labor day and it didnt happen for me either. Sorry!

Bowler Family said...

Hahaha, cruel irony. I feel pretty good being right.... Don't worry!! You won't go to 42 weeks! I was kidding. :)

Dal said...

ha ha ha! There is really not much better than eating whatev you want combined with elastic pants that give you a false sense of not getting larger. Love it

Melanie said...

Billy and I laughed at this one, remembering all the uncomfortable things about being so pregnant. Billy especially liked the food on the shirt you can't see. I always do that too. :) I like the first one about getting out of bed. So true.

But as you put it, at least your nights are quiet and no food is off limits. Ah, but the heartburn and round uncomfortableness . . . it's such a trade off.

Lauren said...

I miss feeling the baby move. That is one of coolest things ever. Also elastic waist bands are nice, cuz I like to eat all the time!

Loved your "Labor Day" post!!

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