we were courageous this monday night and had ty's siblings over for fhe. we attempted caramel apples. i learned how to not make caramel apples. but they were still delicious. and the girls had a blast,
and that's all that matters.

how freaking adorable is abigail in her helmet?

note to self for next year:
make sure you have wax paper
make sure you heat the caramel enough
make sure you don't eat all the leftover caramel and candy by yourself


got leaves?

WE DO...
and our awesome neighbors helped us rake 'em
and, most importantly, jump in the piles

daddy got the girls bike helmets.
let's just say that abby really, really likes hers.

i really love this time of year. the leaves smelled delicious.
they smell like my youth. they smell like early walks to school. crunching leaves with your feet. making popcorn balls.
scarecrow contests and trunk or treats.

and i can't help but feel a little sad that this is our last fall here with our beautiful trees and crisp weather.


being silly

with all this cold weather and flu season and newborns among us
the girls and i have been doing a lot of just staying at home.

but are we bored?
yeah right!
because my grandma gold always said that
"boredom is a lack of creativity."

creativity is something this family does not lack in the least.


close to you

as a baby, lucy could NOT stand having a wet diaper. no way jose. change me now people! she would cry from her little body. she also liked sleeping on her own, in her own room. sleeping next to us in the bassinet was unbearable. sleeping in our bed? not a chance.

abigail was more than happy sleeping in her bassinet. in fact, she slept there next to me for almost 6 months. cozy and happy and just perfect. (she was indecisive about wet diapers, thank goodness)

and now, well, let's just say i've been calling phoebe the little stinker. i feel quite confident about taking care of newborns. to me they are the easist stage to understand. if there is a problem it can only be from a few things. so i go down the checklist:

are they hungry?
are they poopy/wet? (she doesn't seem to mind this either, nice)
are they gassy?
are they tired?

there. that's it. end of story. if all these questions have been taken care of my child should be snoozing away. unless it's your third baby, which is our case. she is fed. she is clean. she is fully burped and relaxed. she is tired and supposed to be sleeping. but she's not, she's fussing. so to try and solve a problem that shouldn't exist, i pick her up. i lay down with her, and BINGO. asleep.

this baby will do anything to be close to me and ty. in the afternoons i have to peel her off of me and secretly slide her into the boppy so i can get some quality reading or napping accomplished. ( i have a serious schedule here)
at night time she sleeps quite well in the bassinet, but come somewhere after 5 am and she wakes up, she wants in. as in, in our bed. and we all keep sleeping soundly. maybe because i'm so exhausted i don't care. or maybe because bed rest bonded us a little differently than the other girls.

but it seems like she is going to be the hardest to sleep train. so far, i'm not bothered by it.

and ty's not complaining either.


seen and heard

at dinnertime

me: did you guys hear? so-and-so is having a baby!
lucy: i know!
abby: no response, keeps eating her food with head in hand
me: isn't that exciting?
lucy: yeah!
abby: no

let's just say, our middle child doesn't think babies are good news like everyone else does.
and we just happened to read this book that night.
how appropriate.



that is the only word i could think of for this post. dear, sweet, college buddy laurie (aka miss texas) came to our house when the phoebes was only 7 days old. remember, she took these perfect pictures of us in january after we found out about babes #3.t
but this time, she came to our house. and the girls were cranky and crazy and had fro hair. i was bloated and tired and fighting off a clogged duct. phoebe was only cooperative for 1/100th of how many photos miss t had planned.
the girls probably broke all of her props. it had all the necessary ingredients for a disastrous shoot. and then she sent me the link for her blog. and, well, wow.
i knew she was good, but, wow again.she captured my baby, while still that perfect, newborn, untainted by the world, baby. and i'm forever grateful for that. check out all the photos here.
these are a few of my faves:


about names

p h o e b e
what is so hard about this name?
i honestly thought our greatest obstacle with this it is that people would think of this flaky lady.
but ty and i have both encountered several blank stares, quizzical looks, and spent many a time spelling out her name for people. no it's phoebe. not ceebee, teebee or beebee. or heaven forbid, ty's brother's proununciation: pahobee.

i never thought this would happen to us as we are pretty picky with the naming process. a few requirements need to be met before ever even considering giving it as a name that the entire world will use to recognize our child by.
  • first choice is to name it after someone we know. someone strong and good and...fill in the blank of whatever is important to you. several years ago ty and i watched a documentary on this lady:to say that we were impressed with Phoebe Ann Moses is an understatement. it might be obvious to some that ty was drawn to her because she was a chick with gun skills. not so with me; what was impressive was her amazing life dedicated and lived out with high morals, standards, kindness and generosity. she always sewed her own costumes to make sure they were modest and not too revealing during her shows. upon her death it was found out that her entire fortune was sent to her charities. among those reasons, and many others, we chalked up the name "phoebe" to our girl list.
  • second requirement, the meaning. it must be a tried and true name with significant meaning to it. Phoebe ♀
    Pronounced 'fee-bee': Latin form of the name of a Greek deity, Phoibe (from phoibos , meaning 'bright')
  • and last, but least, it must be phonetically easy to spell and read. (i think this is where we messed up). i took for granted that as phoebe is ancient Greek it would be easy for people to recognize and spell. woopsies. it's not pheobe, but PHOEBE. O before E.
oh well, you can her beebee or ceebee or pahobee. and you can even mispell it, i don't care. but we are not changing the spelling to feebee. i could never bring myself to do it. so you'll have to endure. and so will she when that one substitute teacher takes roll & asks for, pahobee? is pahobee here? anyone? anyone?



newborn babies sleep.
they sleep a great deal of the day actually.
my mom always says this is Heavenly Father's way of making sure you rest too.

i whole heartedly agree.


number 5

dear lucy,

it was fun watching you turn five. i couldn't believe how excited you were to have friends and presents and cake and grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles all in the same day. in fact, you were so excited that it made you pretty cranky. but it's ok, because i love you no matter what. happy birthday to my favorite lucy.



does this only happen to us?

back in the day my family had this movie
on laserdiscand we loved it.
so i netflixed it to show ty a 'really good movie.'
we only made it through 15 minutes. i'm thinking it was really rad in the early 80's and you are under the age of 10. and that's about it.

so we put in this movie
which is one of our* favorite halloween movies.
don't go this year without watching it.

*side note* when i say "our" favorite movie, i meant ty and me. no WAY could the girlies watch it. they only watch G rated anyways.

what are the movies you loved as a kid and realized as an adult that they were lame?


about us

we have a 2 week old whose sole profession is nursing. and pooping. and burping. and nursing. and pooping. and burping. you can pretty much mix up these 3 activities throughout the day and be spot on as to what i am doing. she eats and eats and eats and eats. and poops and poops and poops and poops. and burps and burps and burps and burps.
i'm thinking about renaming her "in n' out".

she's already 8lbs for crying out loud!

and i love it. exactly what we have been praying for all those months. a healthy, happy ( as long as i stay away from dairy, tomoatoes, chocolate, broccoli and cauliflower) and chubby baby. she already has some good neck rolls coming along.

ah, she's googly eyed again, but don't throw away your broken bouncer. abby just loves it. it's the closest she'll get to the baby right now.
the girls and i (all 4 of us) headed in for well check ups and 2 week check ups and all that jazz on monday and tuesday. i was exhausted. and i was confused. how do these mothers do it? i almost walked over to my neihbors house (a lovely and amazing mother of 4) just to bang on her door, grab her by the shoulders and ask how do you do this? and why do you make it look so easy?
because this is how i feel when i think about leaving the house

can i add that i am perfectly happy staying at home the next 6 months? i really am.

especially when we get beautiful views like this from our own front door

about the party

so we threw a surprise birthday party for my dad this weekend. props to my sis danna for her idea for the big bash, it really was wonderful. even with a 2 week old baby. yup, we traveled 500miles (each way) with 3 kids and the youngest 2 weeks old. two important things happened during this trip 1. i didn't die 2. i didn't kill my kids. hello success.

it was a great party and i got to hang out with my long lost cousins, who are really amazingly cool. (can you believe i went to college and still write sentences like that?) yeah, one of my cousins is an animator for spongebob and american dad. the girls have been clinging on to his autographed books with kung fu grips around here.

most importantly, i was really pleased to see how happy my dad was at his party. because that was the entire point; to tell my dad thanks for having & putting up with us 7 obnoxious kids. i'm very grateful for my dad. and i know he reads this every once in awhile, so thanks dad. your tops with me.

please forgive the pictures, i couldn't resist.

ok, classic picture. if you know my dad you can understandyeah, i totally snowboarded with this coat in middle school

the curtis family circa 1950ish? dad upper left.

mel, totally looks like your boys.
my mom on far right and aunt lynne far left with the chitlens and granny & grandpa.
my grandpa passed a few months later.
check out his awesome cane grip.

1996 or 97?

with my dad's sisters

and last but not least, the coolest scouting photo ever
check out that fro!

but the very funniest part of the trip? it happened driving home sunday night...
we didn't know lucy was awake until she blurted out:
"hey! that car has a tv in it!"
ty and i got a good laugh out of that one.
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