we were courageous this monday night and had ty's siblings over for fhe. we attempted caramel apples. i learned how to not make caramel apples. but they were still delicious. and the girls had a blast,
and that's all that matters.

how freaking adorable is abigail in her helmet?

note to self for next year:
make sure you have wax paper
make sure you heat the caramel enough
make sure you don't eat all the leftover caramel and candy by yourself


Trent & Tara said...

That was fun we had a blast. It would have been a little easier if we weren't srtuggling with our little monkey who loves to climb, climb...ha. Cute pics. Except for my forehead looks like Mt. Everest. No wonder I usually wear my bangs down.

Carrie said...

how fun! we bought the caramel wraps to put around the apple. i desperately want to try dipping my apple in melted marshmallow after the caramel is on. i'll let you know how it goes. :-)

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