deep thoughts in bed

me: hey ty
ty: yeah?
me: did you ever think when we were making out that we would have 3 girls someday?
ty: hahahaha...nope. you?
me: no!
both of us:hahahahahahahahaha
me: good night
ty: night. love you
me: love you too
both of us: hahahahahahaha


The Richards in Canada said...

rofl...too funny thanks for sharing!

Becky J. said...

We've had this discussion so many times, too! And yeah, it's always late at night as we're falling asleep in bed. Hooray for make-out sessions leading to sweet little girls! :)

Melanie said...

Billy and I cracked up when we read this! :)

Good luck this week! (A package is coming your way. I hope it gets there before you take off.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Annie Annie Annie...How I miss you and your amazing family! The newest Leavitt looks adorable and makes me miss the group of you even more! Loves from Overton!
-Megan Potter

Rawson Family said...

That's Hilarius! I needed a laugh.

Lauren said...

Oh you kill me!
Love it.
I'm sure Ty can't wait til your three girls are teenagers :P

Anonymous said...

Happy to see the new baby she is darling just like the other 2. You make really cute girls. Glad it all went well this time. Love Toni

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