does this only happen to us?

back in the day my family had this movie
on laserdiscand we loved it.
so i netflixed it to show ty a 'really good movie.'
we only made it through 15 minutes. i'm thinking it was really rad in the early 80's and you are under the age of 10. and that's about it.

so we put in this movie
which is one of our* favorite halloween movies.
don't go this year without watching it.

*side note* when i say "our" favorite movie, i meant ty and me. no WAY could the girlies watch it. they only watch G rated anyways.

what are the movies you loved as a kid and realized as an adult that they were lame?


Danna Banana said...

War Games. It just doesn't translate anymore now that the Cold War is over.

Audrey said...

I realize that all the shows I thought were cool when I was little are pretty lame. Bad acting!
Is monster house scary for the kids? I haven't let my kids watch it because I thought it was way scary.

my name is becky kelly said...

The Last Uniorn. Hugga Bunch. Gallivants. Never Ending Story 2.
Bill and Ted's excellent Adventure. The Point. that's what i can think of right now.... there are more....

me said...

I can't think of movies but old shows that I LOVED are now so LAME!
For example, Saved By The Bell, and Full House. Totally rediculous now. I don't see what I loved about them. All around BAD!

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