hold on a minute

while i catch my breath
we just got back from an awesome weekend down south.
great weather
great visits with friends and family
and oh yeah, an awesome 70th birthday bash for my dad

phew, i'm still tired just thinking about how much fun we all had


my name is becky kelly said...

I love his hair. That's how i do my boy's hair for church. That's how my dad and his brothers look in all the pictures.
how cute!
your dad's 70? my dad is like 56!

Melanie said...

LOVE the picture. Glad you had a fun weekend.

Lauren said...

Love the picture!
I can't believe your dad is 70. He does NOT seem that old.
Is 70 like the new 50? He he.

Trent & Tara said...

Cute photo, I love old photos.

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