one of those days

where we all were in pajamas till 10am
where the baby is unsatisfied that i am not an octopus and cannot hold her 24hrs a day
where my 4 yr old forgot english because she cannot follow any basic instructions anymore
where my 2yr old decides to rebel against diapers and use the potty. except she's not using the potty.
where my kitchen is dirty and i'm cranky. my mood seems to always correlate with the status of my kitchen counter tops.

and i knew i would have days like this. but that doesn't mean i'm going to like them.


jes said...

i hear you annie. that's two kids with flu for me. plus flu for me. a kitchen that brings a new meaning to word disasterous. poop on the computer. (don't ask.) and teething biscuit smeared all over the couch and floor. if motherhood were a class, i think today would make me withdraw.

Melanie said...

Hang in there. :)

Becky J. said...

How come you have to show off that this is only something that happens every once in a while? For some of us this is a daily thing! Just kidding, it's not daily, but I felt like as I read that I was nodding my head in agreement, wondering why this was such an aberration from your normal schedule when there are more days than I'd like to admit that my kitchen looks awful and my kids are still in pajamas at 10. And my baby still wants to be held 24/7! I hope tomorrow is way better for you, though, and way to be Super Mom most days!

Rawson Family said...

Hang in there Annie. Joe understands cranky wife to a messy kitchen.

The Leavitts said...

Hey- The babe is beautiful and my girls are almost 6 months old and we still have ALOT of these days!! Love you guys and cant wait to see you!!

Tam said...

i agree with becky j. those days are not unusual for us, but hopefully they will be soon and for you too.

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