i am grateful for so many things right now. and i try to always remember the many blessings in our life, but thanksgviving is always a good kick in the pants to really do it.

this year i am most grateful for:

he is, and always will be, all that i ever needed and wanted in a companion.

 my girls.
they are like a slow fire that keeps burning off of all of the bad things and bringing out the good in me. patience, love, charity, humility, gratitude, you name it.

 my religion.
it means more to me than all of it. i know who i am and my purpose here on earth.

my family. tyson's family. all of our friends.
we are who we are because of them. (man is this getting cheesier by the minute or is it just me?)

no really, blogs. i have been inspired and humbled in so many ways by reading other women's stories and experiences. and this one for myself has turned into a great outlet for me. it's very therapeutic; and it's free. and who doesn't love something that's free?

my body.
it has stuck by my through thick and thin (literally). and although it's hard for me to say i'm grateful for it, because it hasn't been perfect, but it is still whole and healthy.
and what more can i ask for?
and for posterity sake i am posting this picture. even though i did a double take when i saw it. i love you  phoebe. love you love you love you. 
but i don't love the bed rest weight. ack.


nine weeks

a little late on this post seeing as we were out of town and stuff
but phoebe, you are by far our easiest baby. i don't know if it's because we are more relaxed, or more used to the lack of sleep or what, but you are an awesome baby.
things that you love at 9 weeks so far:
sleeping on someone
being near your sisters
having someone to talk to
having someone to smile at
the baby bjorn. it has magical powers that make you pass out like this:


turkey and stuff

another successful thanksgiving was had over here in moapa valley. i warned my mom ahead of time that i was going to be of absolutely no use to her this year. i am still exhausted (when does that end?) and not feeling betty crockerish enough to lend a hand in the kitchen. and i didn't. we came, we ate, we left.

i promised her next year i would make up for it. the day really was made when the girls played and played with all of their cousins like it was going out of style. and this week we haven't been visiting with friends and doing all kinds of amazing things except eating and napping. lots of eating and lots of napping equals more exhaustion. during nap time i took the liberty and stole these from ty's mom's computer. thanks camille!

abby leigh at about 4 months

this is my, 'i'm very tired but i'll put on a happy face,' face

september 2006
adams family picture

june 2006

all of ty's family at taylor's graduation.
just had found out pregnant with abby the day before

the leavitt boys with some of their buds
a great picture of shawn i think

lucy and great grandpa adams 2006
i love this picture because abby did the same thing last time we were here

lucy loved playing with trent we he came home from his mission

ty in the batting cage

lucy's 4th birthday


peanut, peanut butter

driving down for thanksgiving i found myself alone in the car with 3 girls age five, two and two months. tyson is driving alone ahead of me in his 'truck' as he is leaving it in warmer weather during the winter months. you know, because we can let my car get all rusty and weathered from road salt but not his.
anyway, i'm feeling pretty proud as no one has had a melt down and i haven't had to pull over and threaten any lives yet. then all of a sudden lucy yells:
"ooooooh, abby's throoowing uuuup. she's throwing up mom! throwing up!"
and sure enough.  upchuckage.  i can't reach her. i can't help her. she's just spewing all over herself with these sad puppy dog eyes pleading for help.
and ty's not answering his phone or responding to my SOS waving and hand signals from the windshield. then lucy yells:
"eeeewww, it smells like peanut butter!"
and sure enough, it did. i guess you know what we had for lunch now.
i finally reach ty and he responds that it's only 5 minutes till the gas station. poor abby, she was very patient for the first 3 minutes, and then curiosity got the best of her. i look in the rear view mirror to see her "tasting" the remnants off of her lips and chin.
 and to top the disgustingness off with more disgustingness, lucy leans over, and i kid you not, whispers:
"abby, does it taste like peanut butter?"

that's just about when i started dry heaving.


guess where we are

zero stoplights
one grocery store
two gas stations
three schools
four restaurants
five hundred miles from home


on a scale of 1 to 10

yesterday we went for bike rides. abby got tired about 50 feet from the house, so i carried her (heavy) tricycle home. the girls ran into the house for lunch and as i trudged my way there i ran into my neighbor friend. we started to chit chat, and after a few seconds i noticed that i was swaying back and forth bouncing the tricycle trying to keep it happy.

i realized then exactly how tired i am. because tricycles don't cry. and they don't need to be rocked.

thank goodness.


eight weeks

10.9 lbs
22 inches
best words to describe phoebe now: 
happy and hungry

*notice scrach on face
**now notice mittens. she is like a cat
***notice bulging onesie. i will not put her in 3-6 month yet. no, i won't do it!

and yes, that's a milk mustache

dance saved the day

yesterday was a rough day. it was so eventful that it needs its own post. but right now i have to say that the day was saved when i took the girls to see this performance. i had written it on my calendar in july as something i wanted to do with the girls after bed rest. and the artistic director just happened to be my teacher back in the college days. today she is running an classical ballet studio in provo.

i have to preface this by saying that i did NOT want to go last night. i was loathing the thought of dressing up the girls, taking them there, worrying about them behaving, worrying about that it started at their 7pm bedtime, worrying about phoebe at home and her ginormous appetite not being satiated, worrying about running into old dance friends as i wasn't in the mood for chit-chat or catching up. i was really, very, very, cranky. i thought, "i'll just let the tickets go to waste." and "the girls will never know we didn't go." i don't know why i always fight against going to big public things. weird.

but we still went. and oh my, oh my, it was perfect. the girls were mesmerized and didn't utter one peep. abby got a little antsy near the middle, but settled down. i swear lucy didn't move an inch the entire hour. the performance was impeccable. fast curtain changes. smooth entrances and exits. very impressive for a one night performance (usually the opening night has a lot of glitches).

the dancers were all between the ages of 13-18. but don't let that fool you, their technique was more than admirable. and 3 of the dancers (for me) were breathtaking. i just couldn't take my eyes off of them. beautiful lines, beautiful musicality, beautiful performances.

and the best part of the night? when abby whispered, "oh, i want to dance like that when i grow up."

is there an awesome ballet teacher who wants to move to moapa valley, nv in the next few years? i would be so happy to NOT have to be it : )

*a special thanks to aunt taryn for watching the phoebes for us
** update on previous post, abby is fine.  it was just a little accidental 'bump'. but ty and i couldn't stop laughing about it.



i will join in with all of you in lamenting the fact that i am not prepared for the holidays.

i mean, i'm not even ready for THANKSGIVING yet, let alone that one around December 25th.

so, here are our main dilemmas with Christmas.

1. we are short in the cash department (given as ty's a student with not one, not two, but yes, three children).

2. we have no space

so i've come up with a few solutions:

For numero 1:
if you are a friend, family member, neighbor of ours please don't be offended if you receive edible goods, handmade crafts and/or coupons from the girls. they are really good at back scratches, kisses, hugs, and losing or breaking your valuables.
For numero 2:
if you are a friend, family member, neighbor of ours please pick from this list of acceptable (non-space consuming) gifts for the girls. and maybe, ahem, ty and myself:

  • we love any puzzle and we love books, coloring books, crayons, markers, sidewalk chalk, anything that has to do with arts or crafts for kids. these are things i'm willing to have around as they get used up quickly and take up little space.
  • the girls (and i, and yes ty watches some too but shhhh) LOVE MUSICALS. any DVD with someone singing and/or dancing is a hit here. these are a few of their favorites that are on our list: seven brides for seven brothers,oklahoma, the king and i, the music man, carousel and this peter pan version.
  • the girls acquired some of these dolls at lucy's birthday. which i think are fabulous and a great compromise for before barbies. they have 3 dolls, so outfits are perfect and small.
  • i need something about organization tips. as in, HOW TO STORE ALL OF OUR CRAP. really, sorting through the girls' clothes and rotating toys leaves me bewildered. we already have TOO much toys and TOO many clothes. it's embarrassing.
  • for ty and i costco/target/grocery store/auto parts stores/ gift cards always work well.
  • and lucy would kill me if she didn't get a my little pony or strawberry shortcake. so i think santa will cover that department.

i know you are probably thinking, how rude that i am posting our wish list on line. and that's ok, because i won't ever blame you as i would think exactly the same thing. but i just wanted to put it out there and at the same time know that if we received not one gift it wouldn't matter. the things that i remember about christmas are family, friends and food. i always remember the wonderful food. go figure.

and i'm sad that i am feeling so bombarded about holidays. i love the holidays! but i really just wish we could focus this year more on how blessed we are to have family and friends to say hi to. to catch up with. to be sad that we only have a short vacation to spend it with. and eat lots and lots of fudge. yes, that does make for a perfect holiday. phoebe better brace herself.


seen and heard

"mom, i'm going to pull the baby's eyes out."

"uhhh, let's not and say we did. ok? "



you are making me tired.
so tired that i can't remember a lot of things. like, what month it is. or what day it is. or what time it is. i can't even remember what size diaper you wear. because this morning, i didn't notice that i grabbed a size 4 diaper instead of 1. i didn't notice when i put it on you. i didn't notice when the onesie was really snug on your bottom. i didn't notice for an hour and a half. until you pooped. i unzipped you, and aha!, you were drowning in a diaper.

i'd say sorry, but i really think it is your fault.


good mommy

lucy is in love with phoebe. she loves to hold her. help her. wipe up spit up (nice). get the current status of her diaper by sniffing it for me. talk to her. read her stories. put in her binky. and reports to me when phoebe is awake, asleep, cranky, hungry or just plain upset. but usually phoebe is as happy as can be with her.


new nickname?

we headed out into the world today and had a succesful shopping trip. before today i was only brave enough to go to costco. we love costco, and not just because you can by a 50lb tub of lard. we love costco because of samples! duh. but it also has double seats in the cart. extra WIDE isles. no candy or toys at check-out and cheap diapers and wipes. ah, diapers and wipes when will i be rid of them?

today we headed to the craft store to try a return but it was after 30 days. boo. and next we went to the health food store (i'm going to see if phoebe can stand greek yogurt) and sportsman's to buy new sippy cups. i was ready to plop down good money for real sippy cups that DON'T spill. because no matter how much they tell you they are spill proof, they are not. i'm willing to only have 1 cup to wash every day than 8 of them that leak all over. but the girls were awesome. no crying. no whining. no tugging. hardly any asking. they did really well following our shopping rules.

so, back at home, after said succesful shopping trip. the girls want to personalize sippy cups (and these ones REALLY don't spill) with stickers and markers. no biggie, i was glad they were into them even though the store only had, gasp, green. heaven forbid they like a color besides purple or pink. so i'm writing their names for them (with flowers of course) and i ask abby:

do you want abby or abigail written on it?


no, do you want me to write your name abby or abigail?



i don't like abigail anymore. i want minnie.

if any of you remember, this is the name i wanted to name her right after she was born but was vetoed.

well look out world, because she's taken a liking to it too:


seven weeks old

whoah. how's that for a close up?
anyways, i just wanted to point out what abby's room looks like after phoebe and i are done nursing. a disaster (ok, it actually looks like that all day long).
but the girls know it's the only time i'm immobile so usually start scratching and pinching each other. i need one of those extendable inspector gadget arms. remember? it had like a mirror and a grabbing claw and grappling hook. does anyone else remember that? am i the only nursing mom who thinks that would be marketable?


restless sleepers

i went in to check on abby and lucy before going to bed tonight.
and this is what i found.
both of my girls sleep like this: tossing, turning, un-tucking the sheets, winding up upside down. hitting miscellaneous body parts against the headboard.

which means the girls sleep more like me than ty. just ask sarah, she heard me smack my head against the bedroom wall probably, oh, every night of our entire childhood. (hmm, that just might answer a LOT of questions about my mental abilities)

i wished they slept like ty. because it is quite similar to a mummy. well, a mummy that snores. but i wouldn't have to re-tuck their sheets in every morning.

*i added a poll in my sidebar. and yes, you have to answer it because i know where you live and i've seen where you sleep. and your mothers will cry when they see what i've done to you (movie anyone?)


bijou indeed

so, i read this blog. which is all about what's happening in p-town. you know, just in case i have free time and want to get out. hahahahahaha.

anyways, they talked about the bijou market for last saturday morning which just so happens to be down the street. after a busy morning of trying to work out (oh, that's an entire post in itself), attending a church training meeting, and making ty watch the girls for hours on end. i decided last minute to just go. i grabbed the girls, threw them in the stroller and took off. i had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket, and man was i going to spend it.

and spend it i did. to my surprise it was inside instead of out, very crowded, and a 30 minute wait to check out; a disaster for bringing children. so i treated them to cupcakes from cupcake chic to keep them busy. i should have had them share because abby always eats only the frosting and lucy always eat only the cake. oh well. luckily my neighbor came with me with her girls, and that kept them all busy.

back to the market. it was awesome. very cute and inventive stuff. everything handmade. nothing frumpy. i have been looking for something nice for my bedside table and bought a frame from this girl. and a saying from this shop. and put them together all by myself. i am pretty proud of how it turned out.

i'm also proud of all the stuff i didn't buy.
because i wanted some of these and these and these and some matching beanies for the girls.

and can i say that the 3 girls thing has already begun? because it most definitely has.

are all these yours?
what beautiful little girls.
wow, three girls.

and i smiled everytime and answered, "yup, they're all mine." because they are. and i'm feeling very humbled lately to have such wonderful kids. and i hope i can live up to the task of raising them right. and most importantly, of doing all that hair. i'm thinking of buying stock in goody.


i like this

she is cooing.
she is smiling.
she is cooing and smiling at the same time...
that is all.


**post edit

i hope i didn't offend too many moms with the last post. goodness knows how much i have used the tv to help make it through some days.

but i also hope people read the articles. they all mainly were about infants under the age of 2. and that baby einstein movies will not make your kids smarter. and that's the only reason why i put it on there. of course we all know that too much tv is bad for kids. but i'm not about to stop it altogether for my older ones. but really, i wasn't surprised to hear that babies need be talked to. another reason why i am such a staunch believer in eating meals together (expect a post about that later).

so. and that's a big so, i am resolved to try and give phoebe the least amount of screen time possible. if the girls are watching a movie (which they are in love with this Peter Pan version on netflix right now) i know my hands are a little more free and i can hold phoebe or put her in the bouncer close to me while i work. i've noticed that i do talk to her a lot less than i did lucy and abby. but that's because i am a little busier and the house is so stinking loud! someone is always talking/singing/yelling/crying/trying to get my attention. thank goodness i married a quiet person.

but maybe we all can try a little harder and will spend more time with our kids than the tv does. any suggestions on how to do this? i know there are super moms out there with awesome ideas.


something to think about

this article

and this article

and this article

and this one

and this one

and this lawsuit

all have me feeling guilty and worried about letting the girls watch so much tv this summer and lately while i'm trying to manage a newborn.

if you don't want to read all the articles this one sums up all of them into one:
Parents might know that sitting children in front of the television for hours at a time isn’t the best way to encourage intellectual growth. But a new study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine shows that simply having the TV on in the background can stifle interaction between parent and child, decreasing the number of words spoken and possibly slowing the development of a baby’s language skills. Scientists have long suspected that TV viewing can damage early development. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends avoiding exposure to television before an infant is two years old, a period when important cognitive changes take place. “We’ve known that television exposure during infancy is associated with language delays and attentional problems, but so far it has remained unclear why,” said lead researcher Dimitri Christakis. The researchers investigated by attaching sensors to both parents and their children between the ages of two months and four years. On sporadic days over a period of a month, the sensors recorded every word spoken or heard by the subjects. If a television was on, words emanating from the TV were counted, although researchers did not differentiate between whether subjects were actively watching the tube, or just had it on in the background as they went about other tasks. This technology allowed Christakis’ team to quantify exactly the degree to which TV-viewing can cripple parent-child communication: for every hour a television was turned on, babies heard 770 fewer words from an adult, the new study found. Conversational exchanges between baby and parent dropped 15% , as did the overall number of vocalizations made by children. That’s important because previous research has shown that the more words children hear, the better they become at speaking. The exchange of fewer words, therefore, could potentially cause a deficit in language skills. The effects of background TV could be far-reaching, since researchers say that nearly a third of households in the U.S. keep the boob tube turned on all the time. “The newborn brain is very much a work in progress. All that cognitive stimulation is critical to the underlying architecture that’s developing,” [Christakis] says. “Every word that babies hear, and every time they hear it, is extremely important”.

we used to have a 1hr rule for the entire day. only 2 tv shows or an hour of a movie. that's it. for the entire day. but this last year, well, let's just say that curious george spends more than just the morning with them. but i'm sure glad i've never watched my own shows during the day. the tv for my entertainment doesn't turn on until they are snug in bed.

but now i want to just unplug it altogether. but it's cold outside and we are housebound here. and i don't have the energy to do more than a few crafts a week.

so what's a mother to do? because i can't help but think that having my children watching tv alive and well is better than no tv and want to throw them out the window.

and yes, mom, you were right. tv does turn your brain into cottage cheese.


six weeks

the magic six weeks mark. where they finally wake up and become a real person. and hit that wonderful (note sarcasm) growth spurt where they stop sleeping and want to eat every 30 minutes. i didn't think phoebe would have one, seeing as she has NEVER stopped eating around the clock yet.
case in point:

and before you start thinking, what happened to your baby? no she did not ingest another infant recently; although she looks like it. she likes to eat. a true curtis to the core. and i know lots of babies like to eat. but most don't balloon up this freaking fast. and it has happened to all of our girls, even preemie abby. because as my pediatrician informs me...

some moms make this:
and some moms make this:
and some lucky moms make this:

and i make this:
personally, i think it's a lot closer to cream than whole.
and just in case there is a natural disaster in the western united states, and you need your baby fed, bring them on over. my supply and demand could feed all of them. and some more.

and i couldn't be happier.
because nursing isn't easy.
and it isn't convenient.
but i'm lucky enough that it has worked out 3 times now.

but i do miss the brain cells it has sucked out of me.


getting along

the girls are at each other's throats. and when i say girls, i'm including myself. we have been locked up in the house and all sick for too long. the house is stuffy. the girls are cranky. our throats are sore and our coughs are hacking. our fevers are spiking. the movies are boring. and the sun is shining. really? now that we are all sick. thanks stinky weather.

to make matters even worse, lucy has found a new hobby. irritating the crap out of abigail. i can't believe the sly and subtle things she'll say or do just to get a reaction. a smirk of the face. hiding a toy, or worse yet, holding said toy over her head. heaven forbid she tell abby that one of her toys "aren't special at all" or "i go to preschool. you don't go to any school." oh boy, does that get her little sis to go berserk. and abigail is just a little martyr. she just takes and takes it and takes it. but not silently, oh no. she whines and whines and whines and whines. "I want the pink towel toooooo!" "lucyyyy won't ------ meeee!"just fill in the blanks. and my all time favorite, "lucyyyy's not sharing!" the tone is about ready to split my skull in two. sometimes she'll finally react physically, and things just get a little too out of hand. like the whining wasn't bad enough alone; they have to add in smacks and swings and chucking objects at each other.

and i've just about had enough. "that's it!" i yelled (woops!)."why on earth can't the two of you just be nice to each other? is it really that hard?" they both just looked at me with blank doe eyed stares. like saying, what are you talking about? this is us being 'nice.'

and then i flashback in my mind to my sibling rivalry. oh man, i think the payback has begun. like the time i was so pissed i threw sarah's young woman project against the wall. luckily it split cleanly in two. so i propped it back up on the desk and waited for her to come home. she bumped into it putting some stuff away and it fell on the ground in pieces. "what did you do?" i asked. acting all aghast at how a perfectly good speckled pink painted heart craft could break so easily. she just could not figure it out. i mean, it was solid wood! i don't remember how many years it took me to tell her it was me. but we still laugh about it to this day.

and that's the part that is helping me make it through the day. and actually why ty and i wanted our kids close together. because the real truth is that the girls, however much they pull each other's hair and steal their magical-changing-colors-ariel-bath-dolls, will someday be the best of friends. for the rest of their lives. and will laugh at how much they fought over that blasted pink or purple whatever. and that is worth all this suffering right now.


frugal fashion

lucy 2006
first purchased from ebay for a whopping $10
abby 2009
even the shoes were lucy's. awesome.

and lucy's costume?
aunt taryn's from the 90's. nice.

and it happened

lucy smiled at a mere 3 weeks. i know you're thinking, of course it was a gas smile. you know, the smile they give right before farting and pooping? usually my kids do both at the same time for the first, oh, 5 years of their life so far.
anyways, back to smiles, it was a real, genuine, i'm happy to see you and good morning! smile. and i was thrilled.
when abigail was 3 weeks old we had been home for a week from the hospital, and no smile. we had just lost our dear friend shawn, and were going through a rough time with that. all i wanted was for her to smile and to smile for ty. but nothing. another week went by and i called the dr. i had forgotten to adjust her gestational age, and was expecting a 39 week fetus to smile for me. silly, i know.
so at a ripe 8 weeks of age, she smiled. and it was just as glorious as when lucy did. albeit a little later.
and here we are with phoebe. 3 weeks. no smile. 4 weeks. no smile. every day we waited and waited, we knew it was coming. there were hints here and there. and then, she did it. it happened. a real smile. and if you were ever wondering what lucy's first smile looked like, wonder no longer...because so far phoebe and lucy seem to be twinners.
and no, she never smiles as big for me like this as she does for ty.


shout hooray

remember last year when my birthday stunketh because it was on sunday? well this year is equally as stinky. because i have the flu. and i'm a mom. so birthdays are all about diapers and dishes and laundry and coughing and coughing and coughing. but i still have a birthday wish...

i'd really like to go for a hike with ty and the girls. and eat some pie. and get hugs from all my friends and family. except i don't really like hugs. and i'm still contagious. but i'm going to love up my kids all day and get my house nice and clean. both of those things make me feel better. because nothing says i love you like a game of go fish and a clean house.

*just in case you were wondering. my faboo philosophy face cream from last year just ran out. huzza!

**photo by texas
***i can't believe i thought i looked big in this picture. what i wouldn't give to be in those jeans today.
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