and it happened

lucy smiled at a mere 3 weeks. i know you're thinking, of course it was a gas smile. you know, the smile they give right before farting and pooping? usually my kids do both at the same time for the first, oh, 5 years of their life so far.
anyways, back to smiles, it was a real, genuine, i'm happy to see you and good morning! smile. and i was thrilled.
when abigail was 3 weeks old we had been home for a week from the hospital, and no smile. we had just lost our dear friend shawn, and were going through a rough time with that. all i wanted was for her to smile and to smile for ty. but nothing. another week went by and i called the dr. i had forgotten to adjust her gestational age, and was expecting a 39 week fetus to smile for me. silly, i know.
so at a ripe 8 weeks of age, she smiled. and it was just as glorious as when lucy did. albeit a little later.
and here we are with phoebe. 3 weeks. no smile. 4 weeks. no smile. every day we waited and waited, we knew it was coming. there were hints here and there. and then, she did it. it happened. a real smile. and if you were ever wondering what lucy's first smile looked like, wonder no longer...because so far phoebe and lucy seem to be twinners.
and no, she never smiles as big for me like this as she does for ty.


Melanie said...

I like little baby smiles!! :) It seems like it takes them forever to do it. Somehow it makes all those nighttime feedings easier when baby can smile at you.

(Why do the dads get the bigger smiles? It happens over here too.)

Rawson Family said...

She is beautiful!
Your kid's costumes are so stinken Cut.

Audrey said...

She is so beautiful. I am so happy for you guys. I have been wondering where your blog went. haha. I am jealous of you up there in happy valley. We miss it soooo much. Moving away from the valley and then coming back is kind of a challenge. It is a hard change. Enjoy it while your still there. I know you will.

Trent & Tara said...

priceless, first smiles are the best. she looks just like Lucy here.

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