i will join in with all of you in lamenting the fact that i am not prepared for the holidays.

i mean, i'm not even ready for THANKSGIVING yet, let alone that one around December 25th.

so, here are our main dilemmas with Christmas.

1. we are short in the cash department (given as ty's a student with not one, not two, but yes, three children).

2. we have no space

so i've come up with a few solutions:

For numero 1:
if you are a friend, family member, neighbor of ours please don't be offended if you receive edible goods, handmade crafts and/or coupons from the girls. they are really good at back scratches, kisses, hugs, and losing or breaking your valuables.
For numero 2:
if you are a friend, family member, neighbor of ours please pick from this list of acceptable (non-space consuming) gifts for the girls. and maybe, ahem, ty and myself:

  • we love any puzzle and we love books, coloring books, crayons, markers, sidewalk chalk, anything that has to do with arts or crafts for kids. these are things i'm willing to have around as they get used up quickly and take up little space.
  • the girls (and i, and yes ty watches some too but shhhh) LOVE MUSICALS. any DVD with someone singing and/or dancing is a hit here. these are a few of their favorites that are on our list: seven brides for seven brothers,oklahoma, the king and i, the music man, carousel and this peter pan version.
  • the girls acquired some of these dolls at lucy's birthday. which i think are fabulous and a great compromise for before barbies. they have 3 dolls, so outfits are perfect and small.
  • i need something about organization tips. as in, HOW TO STORE ALL OF OUR CRAP. really, sorting through the girls' clothes and rotating toys leaves me bewildered. we already have TOO much toys and TOO many clothes. it's embarrassing.
  • for ty and i costco/target/grocery store/auto parts stores/ gift cards always work well.
  • and lucy would kill me if she didn't get a my little pony or strawberry shortcake. so i think santa will cover that department.

i know you are probably thinking, how rude that i am posting our wish list on line. and that's ok, because i won't ever blame you as i would think exactly the same thing. but i just wanted to put it out there and at the same time know that if we received not one gift it wouldn't matter. the things that i remember about christmas are family, friends and food. i always remember the wonderful food. go figure.

and i'm sad that i am feeling so bombarded about holidays. i love the holidays! but i really just wish we could focus this year more on how blessed we are to have family and friends to say hi to. to catch up with. to be sad that we only have a short vacation to spend it with. and eat lots and lots of fudge. yes, that does make for a perfect holiday. phoebe better brace herself.


Deborah said...

mmmmmmmmm Christmas fudge!!!!!!

I wait for it all year ( and eat low carb all year) I can endulge in it...and in christmas cookies.

Carrie said...

I actually think this post is really smart. Not rude at all. Anyone who is remotely offended by it can kiss my patootie. :-)

I feel your pain with the holiday crap. Especially the no money part. I hate feeling obligated to buy people gifts at a certain time of year, and drain all of our assets at the same time. Isn't it much more fun to receive gifts randomly throughout the year? That's what I would rather do--just send people gifts randomly when I see something that reminds me of them or see something that I know someone would love. That would be easier of the pocketbook too. But no one listens to me... :-)

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