dance saved the day

yesterday was a rough day. it was so eventful that it needs its own post. but right now i have to say that the day was saved when i took the girls to see this performance. i had written it on my calendar in july as something i wanted to do with the girls after bed rest. and the artistic director just happened to be my teacher back in the college days. today she is running an classical ballet studio in provo.

i have to preface this by saying that i did NOT want to go last night. i was loathing the thought of dressing up the girls, taking them there, worrying about them behaving, worrying about that it started at their 7pm bedtime, worrying about phoebe at home and her ginormous appetite not being satiated, worrying about running into old dance friends as i wasn't in the mood for chit-chat or catching up. i was really, very, very, cranky. i thought, "i'll just let the tickets go to waste." and "the girls will never know we didn't go." i don't know why i always fight against going to big public things. weird.

but we still went. and oh my, oh my, it was perfect. the girls were mesmerized and didn't utter one peep. abby got a little antsy near the middle, but settled down. i swear lucy didn't move an inch the entire hour. the performance was impeccable. fast curtain changes. smooth entrances and exits. very impressive for a one night performance (usually the opening night has a lot of glitches).

the dancers were all between the ages of 13-18. but don't let that fool you, their technique was more than admirable. and 3 of the dancers (for me) were breathtaking. i just couldn't take my eyes off of them. beautiful lines, beautiful musicality, beautiful performances.

and the best part of the night? when abby whispered, "oh, i want to dance like that when i grow up."

is there an awesome ballet teacher who wants to move to moapa valley, nv in the next few years? i would be so happy to NOT have to be it : )

*a special thanks to aunt taryn for watching the phoebes for us
** update on previous post, abby is fine.  it was just a little accidental 'bump'. but ty and i couldn't stop laughing about it.


my name is becky kelly said...

... who was it... someone the other day was asking about you and when you'd be home and they were excited for their girls to have a good dance teacher when you came back. I didn't have the heart to tell them that I didn't think you were doing that anymore :) But, really, you have to, because Faith already has Annie Leavitt milk in her, so it's just natural that you be her dance teacher!

Trent & Tara said...

glad you went anyways...i am the same in public things. well, us moms who swear by our kids schedual. Its hard to do stuff like that. Sounds like you had a great time. Pheobe is adorable as ever.

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