getting along

the girls are at each other's throats. and when i say girls, i'm including myself. we have been locked up in the house and all sick for too long. the house is stuffy. the girls are cranky. our throats are sore and our coughs are hacking. our fevers are spiking. the movies are boring. and the sun is shining. really? now that we are all sick. thanks stinky weather.

to make matters even worse, lucy has found a new hobby. irritating the crap out of abigail. i can't believe the sly and subtle things she'll say or do just to get a reaction. a smirk of the face. hiding a toy, or worse yet, holding said toy over her head. heaven forbid she tell abby that one of her toys "aren't special at all" or "i go to preschool. you don't go to any school." oh boy, does that get her little sis to go berserk. and abigail is just a little martyr. she just takes and takes it and takes it. but not silently, oh no. she whines and whines and whines and whines. "I want the pink towel toooooo!" "lucyyyy won't ------ meeee!"just fill in the blanks. and my all time favorite, "lucyyyy's not sharing!" the tone is about ready to split my skull in two. sometimes she'll finally react physically, and things just get a little too out of hand. like the whining wasn't bad enough alone; they have to add in smacks and swings and chucking objects at each other.

and i've just about had enough. "that's it!" i yelled (woops!)."why on earth can't the two of you just be nice to each other? is it really that hard?" they both just looked at me with blank doe eyed stares. like saying, what are you talking about? this is us being 'nice.'

and then i flashback in my mind to my sibling rivalry. oh man, i think the payback has begun. like the time i was so pissed i threw sarah's young woman project against the wall. luckily it split cleanly in two. so i propped it back up on the desk and waited for her to come home. she bumped into it putting some stuff away and it fell on the ground in pieces. "what did you do?" i asked. acting all aghast at how a perfectly good speckled pink painted heart craft could break so easily. she just could not figure it out. i mean, it was solid wood! i don't remember how many years it took me to tell her it was me. but we still laugh about it to this day.

and that's the part that is helping me make it through the day. and actually why ty and i wanted our kids close together. because the real truth is that the girls, however much they pull each other's hair and steal their magical-changing-colors-ariel-bath-dolls, will someday be the best of friends. for the rest of their lives. and will laugh at how much they fought over that blasted pink or purple whatever. and that is worth all this suffering right now.


Danna Banana said...

I have the biggest grin on my face while reading this post. Hahahahahaha! I'm sure Lucy has learned some of these "interesting" behaviors in her preschool.
You have to get some nerves of steel and redirect/shape the behavior over and over and over and over.
Sorry. this is the fun part.
Not easy to do when you feel like pooh.

Trent & Tara said...

Oh man sounds like the drama festival has checked in to stay at your house. That is a great story about you and Sara. Kendra was so mad at me she took my favorite barbie...and broke its head off....oh we were always at it....just part of growing up. But, I have to admit I am not ready to parent all of that chaos.

Carrie said...

wow. good for you. i thought things didn't get bad with girls until they hit puberty! sounds like i was WRONG. :-) i definitely admire your attitude, though. it does sound like you need a little break, though. manicure anyone?

Becky J. said...

Amen and amen! That is what the hope is, at least. I always wished for a sister close to my age, so I really hope that my girls will make the most of that and be best friends (someday). Because they often drive each other up the walls right now, too. I'm glad I'm not the only one who sometimes loses it.

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