i am grateful for so many things right now. and i try to always remember the many blessings in our life, but thanksgviving is always a good kick in the pants to really do it.

this year i am most grateful for:

he is, and always will be, all that i ever needed and wanted in a companion.

 my girls.
they are like a slow fire that keeps burning off of all of the bad things and bringing out the good in me. patience, love, charity, humility, gratitude, you name it.

 my religion.
it means more to me than all of it. i know who i am and my purpose here on earth.

my family. tyson's family. all of our friends.
we are who we are because of them. (man is this getting cheesier by the minute or is it just me?)

no really, blogs. i have been inspired and humbled in so many ways by reading other women's stories and experiences. and this one for myself has turned into a great outlet for me. it's very therapeutic; and it's free. and who doesn't love something that's free?

my body.
it has stuck by my through thick and thin (literally). and although it's hard for me to say i'm grateful for it, because it hasn't been perfect, but it is still whole and healthy.
and what more can i ask for?
and for posterity sake i am posting this picture. even though i did a double take when i saw it. i love you  phoebe. love you love you love you. 
but i don't love the bed rest weight. ack.


Unknown said...

Such a sweet post! I made your Granny's Apple Pie on Thanksgiving. It was un-real! Thank you so much for sharing!

Lauren said...

Great list. You are awesome. :)

Becky J. said...

I'm thankful for you!

And hang in there. I felt the same way decorating for Christmas last night, too, but it was worth it when I came down this morning and saw it...magical!

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