you are making me tired.
so tired that i can't remember a lot of things. like, what month it is. or what day it is. or what time it is. i can't even remember what size diaper you wear. because this morning, i didn't notice that i grabbed a size 4 diaper instead of 1. i didn't notice when i put it on you. i didn't notice when the onesie was really snug on your bottom. i didn't notice for an hour and a half. until you pooped. i unzipped you, and aha!, you were drowning in a diaper.

i'd say sorry, but i really think it is your fault.


Carrie said...

oh the life of a mother. thanks for helping me put off trying to get pregnant just a little longer... :-)

Anonymous said...

it happens to all of us at some point and she's just happy you changed her to have a nice dry diaper :) she's adorable..and they grow so fast.

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