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i hope i didn't offend too many moms with the last post. goodness knows how much i have used the tv to help make it through some days.

but i also hope people read the articles. they all mainly were about infants under the age of 2. and that baby einstein movies will not make your kids smarter. and that's the only reason why i put it on there. of course we all know that too much tv is bad for kids. but i'm not about to stop it altogether for my older ones. but really, i wasn't surprised to hear that babies need be talked to. another reason why i am such a staunch believer in eating meals together (expect a post about that later).

so. and that's a big so, i am resolved to try and give phoebe the least amount of screen time possible. if the girls are watching a movie (which they are in love with this Peter Pan version on netflix right now) i know my hands are a little more free and i can hold phoebe or put her in the bouncer close to me while i work. i've noticed that i do talk to her a lot less than i did lucy and abby. but that's because i am a little busier and the house is so stinking loud! someone is always talking/singing/yelling/crying/trying to get my attention. thank goodness i married a quiet person.

but maybe we all can try a little harder and will spend more time with our kids than the tv does. any suggestions on how to do this? i know there are super moms out there with awesome ideas.


Carrie said...

Speaking as a speech therapist, talking to your baby is SO important! But there is value in them hearing language from people, even if it's not directed at them (real people, not tv people). Right now I work mainly with 0-5 year olds. Maybe I'll post something about tips for developing good language in kids in that age range. (Not that your older ones need it! You have clearly done a great job with them!)

Annie Leavitt said...

yes, thank you carrie. that is an awesome idea. i'll get to you on that later!

*and i can't credit me with them being talkers-i think it's a strong genetic strain that we are lucky to get : )

Brooke and Justin said...

Hey Annie! I am glad you found me! I love being able to keep up with people through blogs!

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