restless sleepers

i went in to check on abby and lucy before going to bed tonight.
and this is what i found.
both of my girls sleep like this: tossing, turning, un-tucking the sheets, winding up upside down. hitting miscellaneous body parts against the headboard.

which means the girls sleep more like me than ty. just ask sarah, she heard me smack my head against the bedroom wall probably, oh, every night of our entire childhood. (hmm, that just might answer a LOT of questions about my mental abilities)

i wished they slept like ty. because it is quite similar to a mummy. well, a mummy that snores. but i wouldn't have to re-tuck their sheets in every morning.

*i added a poll in my sidebar. and yes, you have to answer it because i know where you live and i've seen where you sleep. and your mothers will cry when they see what i've done to you (movie anyone?)


Melanie said...

Isn't it crazy how kids can sleep that way?! It amazes me so much to find the positions they are in, and sound asleep.

(I about died laughing when I saw your poll.) :)

Deborah said...

and..."A day without an Annie post is like a day without sunshine!"

What I love about the picture is the crossed legs..In her SLEEP!!LOL

Becky J. said...

If evolution were true, moms would have 5 arms by now!

my name is becky kelly said...

I'll be the first to recognize the Tommy Boy quote :) good work.
i LOVE the positions my kids sleep in. Hunter and Landon aren't so floppy anymore. But it sounds like Shanan and I are opposite of you and Ty. When he sleeps, his sheets look like the tazmanian devil came through. When I sleep in the bed all by myself (this was one of the few perks of having him on graveyard shift, easy bed making)
I slide out of bed, fold the corner back up, replace the pillows and be on my way.

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