seven weeks old

whoah. how's that for a close up?
anyways, i just wanted to point out what abby's room looks like after phoebe and i are done nursing. a disaster (ok, it actually looks like that all day long).
but the girls know it's the only time i'm immobile so usually start scratching and pinching each other. i need one of those extendable inspector gadget arms. remember? it had like a mirror and a grabbing claw and grappling hook. does anyone else remember that? am i the only nursing mom who thinks that would be marketable?


Danna Banana said...

How about turning nursing time into "telling Phoebe a story time"
Have the girls sit with you and take turns telling stories. You can tell them that you are feeding her little body so it can grow and they can "feed" her heart and her brain so they can grow too!

Lauren said...

I would sooooo buy one. GOod thinkin!

my name is becky kelly said...

yes, i remember inspector gadget. I very much like Danna's idea. much better than the comment i am about to make:
It only took 2 or 3 times of me getting up, baby attached, and setting the kids straight, before they knew i was serious, even though i was nursing.
go with Danna's plan.

Camrin said...

I totally want one like NOW! My kids and the babysitting kids are getting a little better now that it has been 4 1/2 months. I never used to be a "yeller" (is that a word?) but now I am. I only seem to yell when I have a baby attached. Nursing is a love hate relationship with me.
I have tried the story time idea and it only lasts for a short time. Maybe I need some more suggestions. Any other ideas???

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