new nickname?

we headed out into the world today and had a succesful shopping trip. before today i was only brave enough to go to costco. we love costco, and not just because you can by a 50lb tub of lard. we love costco because of samples! duh. but it also has double seats in the cart. extra WIDE isles. no candy or toys at check-out and cheap diapers and wipes. ah, diapers and wipes when will i be rid of them?

today we headed to the craft store to try a return but it was after 30 days. boo. and next we went to the health food store (i'm going to see if phoebe can stand greek yogurt) and sportsman's to buy new sippy cups. i was ready to plop down good money for real sippy cups that DON'T spill. because no matter how much they tell you they are spill proof, they are not. i'm willing to only have 1 cup to wash every day than 8 of them that leak all over. but the girls were awesome. no crying. no whining. no tugging. hardly any asking. they did really well following our shopping rules.

so, back at home, after said succesful shopping trip. the girls want to personalize sippy cups (and these ones REALLY don't spill) with stickers and markers. no biggie, i was glad they were into them even though the store only had, gasp, green. heaven forbid they like a color besides purple or pink. so i'm writing their names for them (with flowers of course) and i ask abby:

do you want abby or abigail written on it?


no, do you want me to write your name abby or abigail?



i don't like abigail anymore. i want minnie.

if any of you remember, this is the name i wanted to name her right after she was born but was vetoed.

well look out world, because she's taken a liking to it too:


Melanie said...

Congratulations on a successful trip! I think Minnie is the most perfect nickname for her.

Jed Wheeler Family said...

Cute! Jara told me she was Sofie. I don't where she came up with that?!
I love the 7 weeks pictures. They really have those inspector gadget arm things. Wendy has one. I'll get you one for Christmas. hehehe

ps-your "desperate" moment had me laughing pretty hard

Carrie said...

good shopping tips! somehow i missed that blog post when you originally wrote it!

Lauren said...

Love it! I remember that post. Glad she picked up on it!

Carol Curtis said...

Oh, how I love my Abigail. She is truly her own man.

Austrie said...

hahahah oh abby. that's so funny.

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