googly bear

the picture experience on saturday wasn't as bad as i had predicted. my sister sarah came to the rescue with her cute coat and scarf. with those weapons in place i also strategically placed phoebe in front of me. what baby weight? bwaahahahaha
and even though abby was tired and only smiled for one picture. only one. we picked a great one for our cards. and to prove that i am the best mom ever, the picture we picked for our greeting is a good one of absolutely every person...except me. how's that for a sacrifice? i had to do it though, because phoebe had google eyes in almost every shot...

these ones didn't make the cut for the card. but we still love them.


photos by tara


Jed Wheeler Family said...

You look great. I'm excited for the Christmas card. Happy blessing day to Phoebe. The picture of all three girls reminded me of something out of "little women." what meg, jo and beth would have looked like at age 5, 2 3/4, and 10 weeks. Maybe it was the Christmas tree or the slips or I'm feeling crazy and nostalgic I don't know.

Melanie said...

See, just like I said! :) Always good pictures.

See you soon googly bear!

Trent & Tara said...

Pheobe looks so cute. I am glad you found at least a few you like. We had fun Sunday with you.

Anonymous said...

I love them! You look beautiful! My favorite is the last one...I love red :).

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