i should have seen it coming

my blogging buddy kate just recently posted about these skinny jeans that she bought. now, i'm not questioning her statement that they are amazing, and i know she is looking fabulous in them and knows what's up. because she lives in new york city (mecca of fashion) and i live in my kitchen in p-town.
i'm just wondering how long this has been coming. and when i say this, i mean, the fact that i am old and out of date in the clothing department. the sign that this is happened is when you are not willing AT ALL to go along with current fashion trends. no matter how cute your friends/acquaintances look in them, you will not budge.

 i receive my urban outfitters catalog every so often. and instead of lusting over every page and adding thousands of items to my want list, i laugh and laugh and laugh. the patterns, the colors, the polyester! seriously, when i saw the unitard/ short onesie i almost pooped my pants.

the first trend that i repelled were the jellies. i considered the fact that since i wore jellies all growing up that we didn't need to go another round. all i ever experienced (besides cute shoes) were blisters, sweaty feet, stinky feet and more blisters. no thank you. and the ankle boots-never wore them in sixth grade, but SO wanted them. and now their back, but not gonna do it.

 then skinny jeans and leggings, (now i have worn some legging/ cropped tights to church and ty aks, "when is dance class?" he thinks he's funny sometimes) in the first place i don't consider myself a healthy candidate for leggings, as my upside down triangle shape would really be magnified. plus, the kids walking to college with their skinny jeans and converse in one foot of snow boggles me.

but i used to be that way. i used to be hip and cool and sacrificed my health and safety to go along with the trends. not anymore. i'm just like my brother.  i remember when he would only wear ankle socks in the 90's. gasp! horror! "hello, get with the program dude." we'd tell him.  tube socks were SO IN. and he refused, and waited it out, and wouldn't you know it? tube socks went out of style. are they cropping up again?

and here i am. refusing to change. and willing to be uncool about the whole 80's clothing trend.  

so, hello trend/consumer/clothing giants- i am old, and out of date, and not happy with what's in (well, a majority of it. i am loving my ballet flats and cardigans).  i will keep rocking my bootcut granny pants for all to see.  i'm pretty sure in about 10 years or less, my daughter will moan and complain that she just has to have  the  new pair of bootcut jeans. and i will shout praises to you for letting me be in style for a short little while again.

*ps* since writing this post i now have a lurking suspicion that in a few months i will be walking around in denim leggings.


Tiffany said...

I am so with you Annie. On the 4th of July we saw a college aged girl wearing one of those unitard/onesie things. We were peeing our pants. I know I'm probably out of style but I'm too poor/lazy to do anything about it. Oh well.

Rawson Family said...

I so agree!Who the heck would ever want to wear on of those unitard/onesie things any way, and skinny jeans gross, maybe if your OK with looking like a pear, and don't get me started on the shoe's.

Bowler Family said...

I HATE the 80s nonsense that has gripped the fashion world. I flat out refuse to wear skinny jeans and also proudly buy boot cut. I am waiting for acid wash 90s jeans to come back and big perms!!

Jed Wheeler Family said...

Please don't buy denim leggings, unless of course you also purchase some MC Hammer pants. Because that would be totally rad!

Natalie | Make Today Great said...

I am wondering about these... the tightness factor... I love a good pair of skinny jeans and heels but...

Oh and acid wash - nooooo

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