in a funk

phoebe smiling and talking to her cousins
we miss them

today we hunkered down at my mom's house. "i don't want to go ANYWHERE today." i moaned while buried in my blanket cocoon on her couch. we have probably put 200 miles on the jeep this past week driving back and forth to relative's houses. don't get me wrong, we are very lucky they all live a 5 mile radius within each other and we all enjoy seeing everyone very much, but getting in the car 4 times a day with three kids age 5 and under isn't my cup of tea.

so, back to me, i am being stubborn and unsocial and staying home. i didn't even go outside. and  that's when it hit me. the post-holidays blues have already begun. they didn't even wait until after new years. i knew i was in the official 'funk' when i looked down at myself at 1pm and not only was i in my mismatched pajamas, but they were coverd in chunky spit up, chocolate smudges, and heaven knows what else.
i was exhausted and the girls were all sleeping. "let's play nert!" i half-heartedly exclaimed to my sister. she kindly looked at me, and offered the suggestion, "i'll listen for phoebe, you need a nap." and she was right as usual and coming to my rescue again, but she missed something.

yes, i indeed needed a nap, but more importantly,
i needed a  steamy, high pressure 15 minute shower.

bless you modern day plumbing.bless you. bless you. bless you. you didn't get me out of my funk but i sure do feel better.


Melanie said...

I'll play nert with you! :)

Glad you got a shower and a nap.

Deborah said...

hot water falling out of the wall is indeed one of the finest inventions of all time!!!

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