merry merry?

i had the brilliant idea of decorating the house as a family home evening activity. i had planned on cleaning the house from top to bottom and bottom to top, with clean laundry and shiny countertops. the house would beg to be decked out with christmas stuff.

and...that never happened. i don't know what happened to the day. i didn't even get a nap (or a shower, ew). it was just jam packed with nursing and dishes and picking up crap. except nothing got clean. i managed on decluttering the floor of the living room and some countertops for christmas junk to go on right before ty came home.

yes, i said junk, because that is how i currently feel about my decor. don't get me wrong, i have some beautiful decorations given to me, i especially love my little houses from my mother-in-law. but i was just not in the mood. the music didn't sound right. the tree didn't look or smell right. the decorations didn't bring any nostalgic memories when i pulled them out of the box.

i now realize it was from utter and sheer exhaustion. ty got a little worried when i sat on the ground with my head in my hands for a good 2 minutes while the girls bounced around me asking questions and shouting acclamations like,  is this fragile? where is the _____?  and lights! tree! ornaments! santa! baby jesus!

lesson learned: don't under any circumstances, try and decorate your entire house the day after coming home from a week long vacation.

but in the end the girls had a ball.
and our tree looks like it was attacked by killer ornaments. 
and my house is still dirty.
merry christmas!?


Danna Banana said...


Tam said...

Wait a minute...did I write this with out knowing it because it is so, so, so familiar (except I don't have the good excuse of going anywhere but WalMart). I've come to the determination that the season of life we are in right now calls for lower standards; there will be a time when we can have sparkling, clutterless houses, but for now we just need to gleam as much joy out of our children's childhoods as we can with out letting the "perfect mom" idea dampen our spirits. There, that's my soap box. You're doing great.

Melanie said...

Merry Christmas! :)

(If it is any consolation, our house was trashed the night we decorated too, and we've been home since August.) :)

The kids will never remember the mess when they've grown up.

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