no cabin fever here

to keep away the duldrums of freezing cold weather and snow...we make sure we get outside absolutely every single day. i'm a firm believer in getting out in the fresh air and sunshine. it's much easier to just stay inside. believe me, i know. especially when it is really cold, or really hot. but my kids are happier, sleep better, nap better and fight less the more they get outdoors.
and getting your kids outside in the snow is a huge task. especially since they are cold and want to come in about every five minutes. but we still do it. monday we made snow angels and snowballs. tuesday we walked up to the school and back to pick up a play-date friend. today we are going out after nap time.

all this playing outside in the snow means one thing:
i can't catch up on the housework. there are boots, hats, mittens, gloves and muddy footprints all over the kitchen.
but the kids and i aren't crazy. sweet success!


Rawson Family said...

I don't know how you do it, I don't know if I could handle living in the snow.

Camrin said...

Snow is not only cold but a big mess too. I never understand people who like/love to live where it snows.
We are firm believers in just giving the snow a visit every year. Works great for our family. Yes, people call us DESERT RATS and I love it!!!

ThE McNEiLs said...

Hey Annie! It is fun to find your blog! Your children are beautiful! I can't believe all girls. So fun! Where are you guys living? It would be fun to catch up! I will send you a link to our blog! Talk to you later! Carli (Hanson)

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