post-it-note nativity

an unwise decision was made 3 weeks ago when we told the girls they could 'play' with the christmas decorations. most of them are advent calendars so it didn't seem to matter. but many things have been lost and/or broken since then. although they were taking a beating, when lucy sketched our porcelain nativity, i couldn't help but be impressed.
mary. baby Jesus. joseph. sheep. star. hay

two wisemen wearing awesome hats and what appear to be dumbo ears

frankincense and myrrh (or eeeeevaaaa)


me said...

That is really good. And I totally see EVAAAAA.

Melanie said...

Kid drawings are the best.

(That really does look just like Eva!)

ThE McNEiLs said...

That is so cute. And she nailed eeevva!

Becky J. said...

Okay, so I got way behind on my google reader and had about 11 of your posts to read at once, and I'm seriously dying here! If I were 15 I would write that I'm LMAO, but I don't use words like that. ANYWAY, almost every single post had something hilarious in it, and I kept laughing out loud (I mean LOL) so finally Joseph asked me what was so funny, and wasn't prepared for the 10 different things I listed off that had made me chuckle. "Eeeeevaaaa!" Thanks for ending my night on a funny note. Love ya!

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