a whirlwind

it seems like life will not slow down here at the house. we had thanksgiving. we had snow. we had phoebe's blessing. we had snow. we had the ward christmas party (oh boy oh boy). we had rain. we went to the nutcracker. we had rain. we had church. we had more snow.

the ward christmas party, oh the ward christmas party. one that we will not soon forget. the girls ate about 2 bites of their meat and beans (of course they ate the entire roll and butter) and then gandered on over to the dessert table. it was a smorgasborg (i've been looking for a good time to use that word. do you like it bill?).  there were cookies everything and pie everything and baked/frosted/dipped/braided everything. i was so pooped from bringing our own homemade sugar cookies that i was not a once tempted. and heaven help me we stuck it out until the very, very, very end of the party for santa. lucy was very excited/nervous to see him and we just HAD to stay.

so here he comes. the big guy, the head honcho, the boss, mr. claus himself. and she drops her head a little. she was no longer interested in meeting him or sitting on his lap or telling him what she would like. "i wrote him a letter. he knows" she blurted out. ok, so i'm quiet not trying to say anything and just let her be when she pipes in "that's not the real santa. that's just someone dressing up." silence. what do you say to that? i didn't think i'd get that talk for a year or so.  abby was adorable. she waved at him and her eyes lit up and she was just jumping all over ty's lap to get him to get up and stand in line. being a true leavitt, he let all the other rambunctious, tired, loud, sticky, excited kids to go infront of them. abby was pretty much half asleep but still wanted to wait and meet him. and meet him she did. and luckily she wants exactly  what Santa is bringing her: strawberry shortcake. i've wondered how many parents have scrambled out christmas eve to change/exchange the santa gift.  the girls are still young enough that we can sway them one way or the other towards presents.

and the nutcracker was great again. a lovely mother daughter tradition if i do say so myself.  we missed ballet west's production in salt lake city this year and stayed local as i am a lactating milk cow that must stay within a 20 minute radius of my child. utah regional was ok. the costumes are getting old. the little girls looked like they were carrying around chucky dolls.  the dancers weren't as impressive as last time, and lucy was tired/hungry by the end. i have to remember to go to the matinee next year. 7:30 was just way too late. it was abigail's first year and she was delighted. not a peep. except she did keep trying to run up and get a peek at the orchestra. i can't blame her, i wanted to go play the triangle too.

and just when i'm losing hope in lucy about the whole santa thing ty took them to see another one.  this santa,  must have had a nicer/more expensive suit on because according to her, "i'm pretty sure it was him." phew.

and after all of this snow and rain and getting my nice church boots soggy i think i'm getting ready for a little warmer christmas down south.


ThE McNEiLs said...

You gotta love kids! We also went to see santa and Tate just wasn't so sure. He thought his beard was just "too yellow." They can't be fooled :) I am very ready for a warmer christmas.....maybe next year!

Tam said...

My girls wouldn't go anywhere near Santa. That picture is so beautiful.

my name is becky kelly said...

my kids are well aware that the Santa we go see at the dickens festival in St. George is the real deal. (real beard and everything!) all the other santa's are just nice men in santa suits! they're totally ok with that and they play the game and talk to fake santa.

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