fruit sizes and a new year

happy new year!!!!

i am so excited for 2011.

we are so excited for 2011.

especially june 18th, 2011.

because i have an orange in my tummy. i mean, i'm expecting a baby. our 4th baby. four. four. four. four. four. that number keeps rolling around in my head. apparently it's the size of an orange. i don't know why they always refer to fruit for fetus size, maybe because it's gender neutral? or more fun than vegetables? i mean, who would want to know their baby is the size of a brussel sprout? not that ours is, it's way bigger than a measly brussel sprout. we're talking orange here people. an orange! i hope it doesn't look like an orange, but that's its size. and why can't they think up fun fruit to relate to, like kumquats and persimmons. "why, yes, my baby is as long as a plantain. thank you for asking."

seeing as it takes me a long time to get a "bump" we thought it would be fun to tell the family on christmas.  but i wanted to give up the week before. "let's just tell everyone ty. i'm tired of trying to hide it" i would moan after nothing in my closet would disguise my new "thickness".  but we did it, and now i don't have to wear my mom's flannel shirts all day long and jeggings. oh how jeggings and flannel shirts have saved my life these past 3 months. so the word is out, and now i don't have to wear huge jackets to teach aerobics in. and i guess that means i have to blog about it. even though i don't want to. i don't want to jinx anything.

because so far everything has been off the charts amazing. no pukeage (just regular morning sickness, totally bearable). no cramping. nada. it's been wonderful. too wonderful. ty keeps telling me to stop complaining that things are going so well. but isn't that natural to worry that things are going too well? am i the only one that does that?

our ultrasound is on the 24th and i'll be relieved when that's over. we are praying for a healthy baby, but then i think, i have 3 healthy, beautiful kids, who am i  to ask for another one? either way, we are excited.

* i wasn't going to post this until saturday, but accidentally already did for two seconds. blasted google reader.  SURPRISE!


this christmas

found out phoebe likes dark chocolate

and flushing all the toilet paper down the toilet

went crazy and made cookie plates for neighbors- i still have 7 on my washer to deliver. woops!

gingerbread houses with grandma curtis and aunt sarah

tried to convince our 15 month old that walking IS worth her time. 

made sugar cookies christmas eve for santa

had the house cleaned, ready and in bed by 11:30 for christmas eve.  11:30!!! my best time ever.

slept in our "fort" christmas eve under the light of our wonderful pink furry tree.

the aftermath
we had a wonderful time with loads and loads of family. 
the girls feel loved from every side.

and now we all (almost all of us)  have the stomach flu... again.
despite that, it was a great holiday indeed. the girls get more fun to watch every year.


seen and heard

while watching the nutcracker:

"ooooooh! look at those girls" - abby

"those are the snowflakes abby"- lucy

"i was a snowflake too" - me

"you were, weren't you!"... "can i be a snowflake someday?" - lucy

"sure. just keep practicing" - me (but deep down i dread if they really want to get serious)

"i don't want to be a snowflake"- abby

"you don't? who would you like to be?" - me

"i am going to be HER!"- said while she stands up and points at the main girl Clara.

that's my girl.

that's my girl.


folly jolly

photo copyrighted: i bought it from a sweet fundraiser here

all week long the girls have been singing christmas tunes. i especially love abby's interpretations of the lyrics. our favorite is, "deck! the halls with folly jolly! falalalalalalalala!"

this season has been wonderful and hard all at the same time. maybe that's what christmas is always like for parents? or real adults? i'm still trying to figure it out. like how do you balance out the true meaning of christmas and all the other hubub? how do you teach your kids to care more about giving then receiving? currently we are reading a scripture from luke and singing a hymn every night, but it doesn't seem to really be sinking in. i can't really blame them though. that santa thing is one big enchilada to little kiddies. lucy is POSITIVE she hears sleigh bells at night all the time.

ty and i watched While You Were Sleeping last night while I wrapped presents. it is so cute to hear him chuckle for an hour and a half straight. some of our favorite quotes we use are from that film.

i'm almost done wrapping as i'm taking a proactive approach to christmas this year. i have the habit of waiting to do everything last minute, strange no? and it makes me one crazy lady on the holidays. like staying up till 2am wrapping christmas eve? no bueno. so i'm consolidating, presents first. baking next (this is all in hopes of consuming less calories) and my dream is that christmas eve we just enjoy family and go to bed. voila! sounds so simple.

but when i went to bed last night i felt so light knowing that all those presents were wrapped and pretty and ready (not that there is a lot, but i'm a pretty crappy wrapper and it takes me forever to make it look nice, and i still slap on tape everywhere).  and it was like the light bulb went off. "duh! annie, if you do this every year you won't be so stressed out!"

i hope it works.


you missed a spot

sunday morning started off bright and early with abby barfing all over her bed. hooray for stomach flu during the holidays!  so the day included doing the church "shuffle": you go to this meeting, i go to that meeting. lots of laundry and trying to have a nice sunday dinner together.

while making dinner i kept running into "sweeping sam." the girls' play broom. sweeping sam is a handy toy, supposedly encouraging helping and cleaning. but he's the most annoying toy in the kitchen. i kept tripping over him where he proceeds to declare, "YOU MISSED A SPOT!"

"ah! someone get that thing out of here before i break it!" i stated in a nice loud voice.

like always, everyone automatically disapeared instead of granting my request. after a succesful dinner, bedtime, and clean-up of all the dishes. ty and i were exhausted, and he was hungry.

i decided to be nice and make him his favorite shake. i was tired, and tried cutting a corner and ended up tilting the lid off and blowing peanut butter chocolate protein shake all over my kitchen.  granted, it was only 8 o'clock at night, but to me it felt like midnight.

"you've got to be kidding me!" i yelled in utter desperation. and then spent the next 10 minutes wiping down cupboards, shelves, baseboard, walls and floor. like i hadn't done that already this morning. but wiping off shake is easier than puke. hands down.

i may or may not have been muttering under my breath on my hands and knees scrubbing and ty asks, "do you need help?"

"no, why would i need help?" i sarcastically blurted out. i was a little angry. just a tad. i mean, c'mon, i already scrubbed everything down and was almost done. so he walks in, bends over and bumps into sweeping sam. my arch nemesis, remember? and that blasted toy has the nerve to shout out, "YOU MISSED A SPOT!"


plans for le weekend

  • wrap every present i currently have tonight while either a) watching The Holiday or b) listening to General Conference. i know i need to pick b). but ty has a scout campout tonight so i really want to pick a.).
  • make my holiday baking festival plans on paper. what, when and who i'm baking for. if your lucky you might be on my list so prepare yourself for a caloric overload.
  • rest, rest, rest. i've had a cold for almost a week now. blech.
  • not kill my children. we're at DEFCON 1 over here with their "room cleaning situation" and i'm ready to throw bodies out the window.
  • get some furniture in our living room. since we've moved in our living room has had boxes, boxes and boxes still in it. but not anymore! its' cleaned out and ready for some great handmedown furniture. if you would like to donate, oh, rugs, lamps, armchairs, umbrella stands, coffee books, etc. anything to make our home cozy, feel free to drop it on by!
  • adjust my master christmas card list with addresses. did you move this year and got a card last yer? or would like a card this year? leave me your address or email it to me at anniecleavitt@gmaildotcom. if you would like to send us one of yours (which we'd love) our address is:

PO BOX 1395
our beautiful tree this year. minus four casualty ornaments that bit the dust.


around the house

 dude, our cats our so weird... but in a cool way. i found willy and wonka napping together in the tree house.
and of course, our dog eddie. this is him patiently trying to sit.
ty calls him edward. i call him eduardo. the girls call him "eddie the dirty dog", from one of our favorite kids books.
he loves us like we are the greatest people on earth and acts like he is the happiest dog on earth. he romps around the property like he's the man. his favorite thing to do, that is hilarious to watch, is run up onto the hill, wait for us to be looking, and then run down as fast as possible with his floppy ears flying behind him. he loves it.
and even though he chewed up one of our phone recievers and then ate my cell phone. (ty says it's my fault because i left both on the porch.) we still love him too.
the willow trees behind us are changing colors just beautifully. i think i'll be sad when they lose all their leaves though. seems like they are few months behind  no? that's the desert for you.


my silent date

we had the rare opportunity of going out on a date to the big "city" this past weekend. when i say, "city" i mean the town of mesquite about a 30 minute drive away.  ty had an errand to run so we made a night of it. we puttered our way through town looking at all the restaurants trying to decide on one. we don't eat out much and wanted to make it last.

"what do you want to eat?" ty asked me.

"i don't know. mexican? but you don't like mexican." i replied.

"what about chinese?"- he asked again (he already had mentioned chinese about four times)

"ok, chinese it is." i acquiesced.

as we pulled into the dark parking lot and walked past the rather large fountain out front i sighed a little. this was the same chinese restaurant that we went to when we dated in high school. does that seem weird? it didn't to me. we walked in shivering off the cold (unfortunately, 40* feels cold to me now) and the waiter ushered us to a small booth.

the same small booth we ate at our first time there. it took us a few minutes to notice this. and we laughed about that date and how i spilled an entire glass of water down my shirt. and as we sat down and discussed the menu and what to order, what not to order, what is too spicy, what is good (we haven't eaten there for years)  i just kind of smiled inside a little. here we were, 12 years later. 7 years of marriage. 3 moves. 3 kids. 2 college degrees. different goals. different wants and needs. different people. a lot of things had changed.

and a lot of things have not.  after we order ty sits there silently, looking around, smiling at me, looking at his hands. the identical mannerisms he's had on every date we've ever had. most of the conversation always begins with, or carried along solely, by me. i ask questions. he answers short replies. i talk about hopes and dreams and he listens. we talk about the kids and we laugh together. then i get tired of talking and we sit there. quiet, still, just us.

the young me would look on as a third party and find something terribly wrong with this picture. they are just sitting there, not talking! i always visioned myself with a funny, talkative, gregarious man. and here i see myself sitting with the strong, silent type... literally. many times i've wondered what's wrong with me that ty doesn't like talking. do i talk to much? do i ask the wrong questions? don't get me wrong, he talks. about sports, and hobbies, and many things. but thoughts and feelings and emotions are far, far, far off of his radar.  and always has been.

but after 12 years he still sneaks smiles at me in public and laughs at my jokes and hugs me when he gets home. he's not very good at surprising me with presents or dates or witty conversations or holding my hand. but he pats me on the head when he passes by or i do something silly. which is often.  and he'll shoo me into the bedroom to rest for awhile away from the monkeys when he senses that i'm weary. and in the early hours of the morning i wake up to him caressing my face.

and when he does those small, little things, i know that he's talking to me.

and it makes all those silent dates worth it.



so yesterday morning i wasn't too excited about it being the holidays. so i had a solution. gluten! nothing makes my kids and husband and me as happy as warm bread. it does an awful number on my body though, and i paid for it all night. but it was the perfect fix for my bah humbug blah's. the girls had a blast and it made everything much more cheerful around here.

we used jandee's recipe from here. thanks jandee! it turned out a little heavy, but that almost always happens when the kids are handling the dough. or you forgot how much flour you put in so you added more. yeah, maybe that was the problem. but they still were delicious.

scalding the milk and soaking the yeast
 always keep baby close. and yes, she's snacking on chocolate chips.
 the girls love helping. aaaannnd posing.
 lucy wanted a picture in front of our village. we still need to put up the snow.

the girls and i all had a lot of fun making these. lucy was really good at forming the dough circles. we all used a pizza cutter to make 8 wedges from each circle ( i held their hands to guide the lines) and then the girls rolled them up. i realize now after looking at these last two photos that abby was playing with our big butcher knife. woops. 

i also feel like a new woman because i finally found the battery charger for the camera. i was so embarassed to tell ty where i finally found it (it's been missing for over a month). everyone in my family will understand when i say, "i put it in an important place". a classic line from our mom.


decorate for christmas, and everything else falls apart

i'm starting to think it might just be me that has hyper-sensitive children.  i've talked about them regressing with potty related stuff around the holidays, and although my oldest are way beyond that point, i might just have a pack of pull-ups in my closet just in case. (i like to plan for the worst, it always keeps me pleasantly surprised)

we decorated on monday. and lucy has been absolutely miserable ever since. she's upset at everything and everyone. abby doesn't decorate right. mom's never listening. i don't care. santa's never bringing her presents because she's always in trouble. phoebe's in the way. we don't have a tree up yet. yadayadayada.

abby doesn't want to do anything that's appropriate. draw on the walls? sure! cut up her bed railing? why not? hit mommy? sure, take a swing! brown swipes on the wall? mommy loves it when you decorate. really, truly, she does.

phoebe is still cranky, but her tummy problems are almost all resolved. and she wants to touch every delicate, fragile, irreplaceable thing in the house.

my mom always tells me to wait to decorate until a few days before christmas to keep sanity levels in check. which i just don't have the stomach to do, they go up after thanksgiving. period. so i guess i better suck it up and be happy that my kids are cranky and misbehaving.

don't you just love the holidays?


it was perfect. and now it's over.

does anyone feel this after holidays? the leftovers, the dirty laundry, the pie that is making my muffin top jiggle more than usual. and the sadness that all the family is gone and it was a wonderfully, exhausting holiday.

i loved visting with all the family, especially my cousin steph and family and aunt and uncle whom we hardly ever see. we laughed, and talked and had 6 kids age 7 and under at all times (at least).  we helped out with her sweet baby jude and his poor tummy problems. all the women brainstormed and attacked his diaper rash and proclaimed a battle cry of "victory!" when it was looking better the next morning.  we had a kid hike down to st. thomas where we forgot hats and gloves and coats and almost froze our children to death. we ate lots of food and let our kids run wild and talked about how fun the holidays were when we were the littlecousins & not the moms and then did a whole lot of nothing.

and it was perfect. (well, it would have been perfect if ALL my fam was there)

and made me excited for christmas.


and THIS is what i get for blagging

i heard about blagging a long time ago, reagan coined the phrase. and it stuck. blagging is when you brag on your blog.

remember last post how i talked about how great and easy my babies were? well, luckily the universe just loves irony, and punishing me for being prideful. all in one stride.

phoebe has been a little sick these past two weeks. and in the last 5 days she's had, well, interesting things going on in her diaper. it ended up so weird that we had to get her to the pediatrician IMMEDIATELY to make sure things weren't really wrong. you know, like liver failure and stuff. fun! so i had to call both grandma's (thanks for the help!) and change my schedule AND i had to miss lucy's super secret thanksgiving presentation she's been working on for weeks (bad mother award here please).

anyways, don't worry, phoebe is fine.  but at the doctors office. oh, oh, oh, the doctor's office. she was not happy at all. i have never had a child act this way before, ever. it seemed as though she had a little demon in her and was not excited about the exorcism. at all. she flailed and kicked and head butted and screamed, and screamed, and screamed. at one point she was crying so loud and so hard she barfed all over me and the doctor. and then she did it again.  it was so bad, so so so bad. i know how bad it was because even the pediatrician was dry heaving. and i'm thinking it would take a lot for a pediatrician to dry heave over baby vomit. considering all the exposure they've had and all.

she finally settled down. we got some lovely probiotics and are switching away from dairy for awhile (Surprise, Surprise) and hoping for things to change a different color. if you know what i mean. if you don't, consider yourself lucky.

today is going to be so lovely. no doctor's office. no vomit. no little demon (fingers crossed).

just family, and turkey, and pie. heaven.

(a big thank you to my sister sarah for accompanying me and keeping me sane and happy all day)



i'm grateful for my happy babies.

ty and i have been very fortunate with our children, and i'm readily giving gratitude for this. we have had it easy in more ways than one. i don't think we deserve this at all, plenty of wonderful people have fussy, colicky, or sick babies. but i would be ungrateful not to give thanks for what we have.

phoebe is happy. delightfully, purely and perfectly happy. actually, she's just like her sisters were. we are 3 for 3 with wonderfully amiable children. in fact, abby was so happy as a baby that at one point we thought she might have special needs. she really was that easy to please.

happy babies make me happy.
i can't wait to see phoebe's smiling face all day long. when she comes around a corner i know she's going to smile at me and cuddle and then go along her merry little way. 

which now includes getting into the dog food, again. and eating it, again. and again.



today i'm grateful for literacy. my siblings will laugh that i write this because i'm the least of a "reader" in the entire family. don't get me wrong though, i read a lot, you know, i was an english lit major (minus my little slump right now), i just didn't read as much as a kid as my nerdy brothers and sisters. ha ha ha.

but honestly, where would we be without books, and words, and the scriptures, and poetry and verse, and shakespeare and dave barry?  i know my life would be a whole heck of a lot more boring.

i'm grateful that lucy loves to read also.
i'm getting excited for her to start reading some of my dear old friends.

some favorite childhood books of mine, in no particular order:
charlotte's web
stuart little
anne of green gables
the giver
rebecca of sunnybrook farm
a wrinkle in time
girl of the limberlost
box car children
the secret garden
island of the blue dolphins
the day no pigs would die
to kill a mockingbird
summer of the monkeys (um, i might have read that 10 times)
gone with the wind at 16 (every 16 year old girl should read it me thinks)
every roald dahl book
nancy drew series
the chronicles of narnia series

there are lots more, but phoebe's is up from her nap and it's grocery store time.

what books are you grateful for?



what is "being grateful?" and why do i always feel prideful when i openly give thanks for all that i have? the definition of gratitude (i know, i know, hang in there) is:
the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness 

so this week i'm going to work on being thankful.

be ready to show my appreciation,

and return kindness.


too old to stay awake

last night i went to the harry potter premier with a friend at our sweet little home town theatre. isn't it neat they got it opening night? when we first moved here in 1997 all the movies were a few months old.  i think that's great that they do the midnight premieres and all. i learned a few things though:

  1. their seats get hard after 2 hours. i'll have to bring a pillow next time.
  2. i liked the movie, but don't like how much darker they make it than the books.
  3. i've never liked the harry potter actor since the 3rd movie. he seems so much more snobbish than the real harry potter.
  4. i'm lucky to have such great friends. every day i feel "seriously so-blessed" for all of them. old friends, new friends, far away friends.  but all kidding aside, i really don't deserve any of them.
  5. i'm old and cranky now. i've been dragging around all day long like a zombie.
have you seen it? what did you think?


what i wouldn't do for a slice of his pizza right now. really.

our old neighbor and friend colton had this dream of starting up a restaurant. well...he did. and i loved it so much ty banned going there for 6 months. yes, we ate there every single date.   last year he started up another one (sadly, we never went there). but he and his wife are such lovely people and we are very happy for their success. (and they named their daughter scout. loves it!)

so colton and millie, congrats! you definitely deserve all the good coming your way.


random tuesday

  • tonight i'm demonstrating making  home-made laundry soap. wanna see? Overton Church, 6:30pm.
  • i read my birthday post from last week. oh my snobby. that was a horrible random post. i think i should have titled it "what i want to be like when i'm older". jeez.
  • i want to have a thanksgiving table like this someday 
  • i'm addicted to watching Gilad's workouts on tv. Have you guys seen him? hilarious.
  • this is abby's favorite book currently during nap time. lucy loved it for awhile during the same age. if you haven't read it, check it out. a keeper for sure.
  • thanksgiving is next week. WHAT? i'm not even close to ready. i better get my ingredients together and purchased.
  • abby wore these flared white jeans with a loose top yesterday. all day long i couldn't figure out who she reminded me of. and then i remembered, dazed and confused! and told ty. her hair looked just like his too all she needed was a puka necklace. anyone remember that movie?


phew, it's the weekend.

a snapshot before church
a few reasons why i love the weekends even more now that we are 'real' adults. whatever that means.

  1. ty's home for all day saturday and sunday. since school ended this has become quite the luxury. he is always so busy all week long with work, house stuff and an independent study class he's finishing up too. yuck.
  2.  i don't have to do much. saturdays are usually full of a few house projects. there's not a lot of cooking going on or cleaning, we are organizing or moving things or tomorrow, gathering up the last pomegranates to juice. wanna come help?
  3. no school. since lucy started school we are on a strict schedule around here (even more so than before). kindergartners must be picked up at the bus stop by a parent or guardian. and, maybe, just maybe, the school has called me 8 times since school started because i was late to get her. woops. 
  4. church. sacrament meeting is the hardest because ours is at 1pm. horrible time for the phoebes and abby. lucy is always good and helps out a lot. but the rest of the two hours really help me make it through the next week. plus it's nice to see our neighbors faces and catch up a little.
  5. sundays. i LOVE sundays. not just because i walk around in my pj's almost all day. but because we CAN'T work on the house and we all loaf around together. it's lovely. 
  6. internet break. i feel like i need this more and more every weekend. no facebook. no email. no nothing. just quiet at home.


seen and heard

there comes a time in every child's life when they try and eat pet food.

today was phoebe's time.

and yes, she spit it out. well... most of it.


daylight hatings time

halloween wiped us out last weekend. and then my birthday was fun because it marked a two month hiatus till the next family birthday. see, the fall goes like this for us:
FACE PAINTS from the pomegranate festival-if it looks like abby is so tired she might cry-it's because she was
  • phoebe's birthday
  • ty's birthday
  • lucy's birthday
  • halloween
  • my birthday
  • the pomegranate festival (it was SO FUN)
  • thanksgiving
  • christmas
  • new year's
  • abby's birthday
phew. i get tired just reading the list. and since daylight savings started the girls are awake at 5am. 5am! i was totally mean this morning and sent them back to their rooms till 6:30. no whining!  so add the early mornings and the-holidays-are-upon-us-stress together and you get me: one tired momma.

and then, to add to the craziness? we got a dog. well, we're trying him out (but we really love him so far camille!). he's a sweet, sweet, lively (read:hyper) wheaten terrier named eddie. the girls are just in love with him but phoebe doesn't like his licking so much.

we're hoping he adjusts to the property well and will be a good companion for the girls. and our gopher population : ).  i can't believe we signed up for this, but he really is sweet. and the girls are over the moon. and he might scare away the racoons that eat ALL of our cat food every week. seriously, no matter what we do, they get to it. those rascals.

so blogging is going to be slow right now, because i think i'm hibernating till thanksgiving. because it takes my kids 2-3 weeks to adjust to a time change. and, after all, i've got a lot of pies to make.


no stickers on furniture

we have rules in our house. i know, right? but one of the big ones is 
for obvious reasons.

well, two days in a row i found phoebe like this. and yes, in the second photo are sticker googly eyes.

#1. i wonder what goes through the girls' heads when they do these kinds of things. #2. i guess phoebe doesn't count as furniture, because she moves and all.  and #3. after looking at these pictures i can't believe i take her around with her hair like that. what kind of a mother am i?


29 reasons of why getting older rocks

29. you don't get asked if you're old enough to drive when pulled over.
28. not really caring what you do or get on your birthday.
27. if it's my birthday it means thanksgiving is soon. yay!
26. i know less and less and less about everything each year. somehow i like this fact. alzheimers might be in my future.
25. i feel more legit the older i get. like, "yeah, i'm almost in my thirties."
24. i could care less what "people" are wearing or what the trends are. i wear what i like. and don't wear what i don't like.
23. i look less for answers from other people & more from my Heavenly Father.
22. i pray more. i fast more. i read my scriptures more.
21. i care more about other people. hopefully someday more than myself.
20. i enjoy every single day more.
19. i enjoy small things more.
18. i view other people's successes as successes, and not my failures.
17. i view my successes as successes and not other people's failures.
16. i feel like all my new friends i make are absolutely awesome.
15. i have genuine, sincere, and good life-long friends.
14. i don't have to hide my gray hairs as much.
13. i love and enjoy service more.
12. i am more slow paced, and i like it.
11. i'm more forgiving of others and myself
10. i love myself, for who i really am, more every year.
9. i am more in love with ty every year too. bonus!
8. i'm more peaceful.
7. my mom tells me i get prettier every year. swahheeet!
6. i wear make-up less and less, and i kind of like it.
5. i'm happy with my kids as they are. meaning: i spend less time wanting them to be different.
4. the older i get the better all of my relationships get.
3. i'm more happy with my body every year.
2. i don't have to worry about keeping up with other people.
1.  i care less about what doesn't matter and more about what does.


trick or... holy cow daddy dressed up this year.

in our religion, we observe the Sabbath on Sundays, so Saturday night we celebrated Halloween.
the girls were still young enough this year that we did a "family" halloween. which basically means, we stopped by 4 grandparent, great-grandparents houses to get absolutely inundated with sweets. i have the migraine today to prove it.

anyways, the most impressive part of this year, was that daddy wanted to dress up. this was a monumental occasion so i tried to rise to it. next year, we'll have it down better.

first stop? great grandpa and grandma leavitt's.
Marion, Indiana Jones, Skunk, Alice in Wonderland, The White Rabbit
next stop up, grandma and grandpa curtis (we missed you grandpa)
yeah, my camera was blurry the entire night.
i bet you didn't know indiana jone's real job is fixing skunk slippers. well, it is.
See the skunk getting into the goods? that stink was into everything last night.
i always knew marion and indie would end up together.
i love my little stinkers. all of them.
phoebe loved the candy, and the girls loved watching the tv. i think they might be deprived.
with grandma and grandpa leavitt
we loved having uncle taylor around that night. another blurry picture. phoebe stared at him a good 2 minutes.
hope you all had a great halloween too!



note to self- if you really like flying by the seat of your pants, don't marry someone who has to have an engine and rutters.

we are here for halloween. which i'm a little confused about. it's a small town, so no one trick or treats door to door. any reason behind this????

every ward in our church used to have trunk or treats, which were fun for the kiddos. and then the "community" puts on a "free" trunk or treat where everyone and their dog comes dressed up as freddy krueger and some version of skanky "witch", "candy corn", "strawberry shortcake", "playboy bunny". you name it.  not so much a fan, even though this year the paper said it's "geared towards elementary school children". riiigghhhht.

so basically we drive 30 miles round trip trick or treating at all the relatives houses. the end. pretty lame? i think so.

am i in a bad mood today? most definitely.

but hey, on the cheerful side, this halloween is going to be 100% better than last year. because phoebe and i had the swine flu, and that suckethed from a deep bucket of crappeth.

*ps* all of a sudden i can't remember when to use then, or than. what the? yes, i am an english major. but i must emphasize it was in LITERATURE and not GRAMMAR. still not a good excuse. i don't even capitalize or punctuate anymore. lame.


using the seat of my pants to fly

an opportunity presented itself this weekend, so i'm taking it. 
wish us luck. i'll fill you in when we get back.


a little crazy rambling

i recently watched this video that i found on cardigan empire. and i agree with what the clinical dietician said, we all know that photos in media magazines, websites, tv shows and movies are all photoshopped, but do we let it sink in? do we really know that that is a false reality?  do we even know what reality looks like?

it's interesting because i was thinking about this at my zumba class last week. here i am, standing in front of dozens of women, and we are all bouncing up and down and shaking our what nots. what i loved is that when i looked in their faces, they all looked beautiful. truly happy, and truly beautiful. did it matter how old you were or what size you were or how many wrinkles or love handles you had? not in the least.

but i can guarantee that when the same women watch tv, movies or read the media magazines, or are around a very thin woman, they don't feel as beautiful as they truly are. it is never, ever enough. obviously, it seems like there is a solution to this, limit the media influences in your life if you have a problem with them. ok, solved.

but what scares me is the photoshopping being done on just your normal blog or facebook photos.  children's hair is lightened, and eyes brightened and colors softened to make everyone and everything look better, more perfect, more acceptable.  and the question is, how much is ok? how much is too much? what will the children think when they look at these photos as adults? will they know what things really looked like? the true reality? will they let it sink in that these are all "edited" to look nice. how will they know how to be happy with an un-edited life? what's going to happen when they give birth and their babies head is cone-shaped, face puffy, and cottage cheese in every crevice? because that's what all of mine have looked like. honestly.

i'm just wondering what the true culprit is- the media? photoshop? or the fact that we believe what the media and photoshop are selling? that 40 is the new 20 and pregnancy only adds 2lbs during pregnancy and melts off at birth. that our skin is flawless at all times and the grass was always green.and it's ok to "touch up" all of your photos to look better. what will it be like in 11 years, and everyone owns photoshop and every single family photo is edited? maybe none of this really matters at all. i am crazy after all.

maybe it's just me, but i know for a fact that i will NOT look like demi moore when i'm in my fifties, that i will not fit back into my jeans 2 weeks after having a baby and that most days there are brown spots on the grass.  that's the true reality. i don't have perky boobs or firm buttocks or skinny arms or bagless eyes or a perfect home. but we wish we did don't we?  maybe that's the problem? the fact that we wish things are so different instead of being content with reality. i'm not saying we should all plop on the couch and eat ding dongs all day and give up any and all forms of exercise and maintenance all together. as my dad would say, "don't throw the baby out with the bathwater". no, healthy habits are good and essential. but excessive vanity and altered perceptions of reality are bad. you get my drift? probably not, this is a pretty crazy post.

i know that i'll swith photos to black and white, and crop them to focus on one thing. but i really try to leave alone 99% our daily photos. but my annual family photo and wedding photos? yeah, all of those are edited. guilty as charged.

so i guess what i'm saying is: where is the line?
when is it ok to just let people see the real you?
when do you edit?
when do you abstain?
have you even ever thought about it?
and if so, what do you think?
or does none of this matter and you think i'm making a mountain out of a mole hill?

*ps* i wrote this post over a month ago and just had the guts to post it.


a little funny. a little scary.

lucy's teacher has been encouraging her to write. once lucy heard that any spelling she did was "perfect" she went to town. she now has a "journal" in her backpack for bus rides, and then draws and describes all kinds of funny little pictures and stories. until this one, i guess i just don't like the fact that our daily happenings are getting written down by another leavitt lady. what are we going to do? i hate competition.

"Phoebe is funny because i am making her laugh by spitting."
"Lucy, what are you doing?"-me

*ps* this really did happen and is an accurate description of my reaction. **phoebe is in a high chair.
*and yes, lucy was spitting eggs.


seen and heard

"mmm, i love rackamoleees!" -abby (we had raviolis for dinner)

"i have a really smart idea" abby to lucy while failing to find pickles outside. "what's that?" lucy asks. "let's look harder!"

"mom, can we walk our errands today?" -abby

"guess what?"-abby "what?"-me "i heard zumba is BAD for you!" -abby

"but i'm allergic to nursery!" -abby (she hasn't been wanting to go to church recently, again)

"mom! my teacher said if you can count to 9, you can count to 100. AND, I CAN COUNT TO 9!" -lucy

"heeeeeeee kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk" -phoebe ("here kitty kitty kitty kitty)

and just this morning, "ABBY! STOP BEING SO BOSSSSY!" - lucy


i think this means we are cool. WAY COOL.

so remember when i talked about ty and his esquire magazine photo shoot? well, we really didn't expect much. we thought, maybe they might put one photo in of his truck. but, considering our luck, probably not. last night during FHE we heard someone on the porch, and in walks Grandma Adams with this. THE BIG BLACK BOOK. we were a little nervous, how many pictures? how big? what? what? what?

i want to show how many and how awesome the pictures are, but my printer will NOT TURN ON. so i can't scan them, i honestly don't know if i can or not (you know copywriting laws and all). but they are SO GOOD. i mean, the coolest pictures of this truck. awesomeness. the story line has the chick in the truck pick up a really hot hitchiking model in the middle of Valley of Fire State Park, meandering around taking pictures in different suits and then checking in at the retro Overton Motel. so cool.

*forget the scanner. i just ghetto pictured them into iphoto:

now, i've always been in love this vehicle,  also known as The Ghost, The Legend, The Silver Bullet, etc. etc. etc.  It's been in his family for 3 generations, and a lot of male Leavitts have driven it.  it had a little rough and tumble while Ty was on his mission, and was picked to pieces and scrapped. Ty picked up the leftovers when we moved to Provo and put it back together with pieces of other trucks. it's not even close to being done. no paint job, no special stuff, it still needs lots of love. but i guess a really crusty truck was exactly what photographer Tim Simmons was looking for.

ty and i love that you can see the dents on the cab from its accident, and the tacky rigged sheet metal stereo covers from high school. and maybe it's not just the fact that it's a cool old truck that i love it, but maybe because a lot of our dating hours were spent in it. you know, talking about philosophy and all. he he he.  but The Ghost is immortalized forever. and it's not like all the Leavitt men needed the world's recognition to tell them what they already knew, that it is a sweet truck, but it kinda helps a little. well, at least ty is excited about it.

i'm trying to get the printer working asap so you guys can see, but you should pick up a copy of the BBB at Barnes and Noble or Borders. to support our 15 minutes of fame and all.



lucy's birthday! she wanted a cupcake cake (drats) jack o' lantern. it should have just been a pumpkin, because the jack o' lantern is SCARY. SCARY. SCARY.
the costume kids. 
ari-the 5th grader lucy-tinkerbell maddie-lady bug kaleb-ninja abby-cinderella
pretty excited to have everyone singing
blowing out the candles
 the girls' cupcakes. they are such lightweights. lucy ate almost half. 
abby licked off 70% frosting, and took a mouse bite of cake. hilarious.
it rained all night last night. 
which was fitting, because it rained all day, and all week on lucy's first day of birth.
i can't believe it's been six years. but i can, she has grown up so much these past few years. smart, kind, sharing, and sassy to boot.

we love you lucy!
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