it's just like that time when class was canceled...

today was sunday, which, if you are mormon or any other faith and take all of your kids to church, means one massive, harry carry, mad dash to get all of the hair done and the diapers and wipes thrown into the bag along with some edible, but not too sugary, not too messy, not too I'M EATING IN CHURCH, snacks.

if i have one goal in life it is to be able to come home to a clean house after 3 hours of church. because ours always looks like hurricane katrina just hit.

anyways, so we are in the crazy phase of running around like chickens with our heads cut off and abby states, "dere's somewon at the door".  what? "dere's somewon at the door!" so ty opens the door just to check, and lo and behold, our hometeachers were standing there. as they walk in and see that

1) i am still in my pajama pants and a shirt half on/half off, hey i nurse,
2) that we are in full on church mode, and
3) our house is a pig sty,

ty chuckles, " sorry we are just getting ready to go to stake conference". and our lovely and very fun hometeachers gently said, "um, stake conference was at 10". WHAT? i could swear on all that is holy that i knew it was at 2pm today. an honest to goodness mistake.  ty and i looked at each other and just started to laugh. sure, we were sad that we missed out on all the good counsel and advice, but c'mon, 2 hours stuck on a hardwood bench with three crazy monkeys is not something i wake up looking forward too.

so we took the opportunity to drive over and see some houses that ty thought i would like the designs of. and i have to say that yes, overall i liked the designs. but the entire master planned community was a little scary. like, the cleaver family scary. everything looked too perfect, too clean, too, well, let's just say i felt like little robots were going to walk out of the house instead of people. maybe it's because it was a sunday in utah, but there was no one anywhere. creeeepy.


and i just couldn't resist putting on these ones:
aren't those rubber band wrists delicious?


acting out

the girls LOVE phoebe

and phoebe LOVES the girls

it's a win win situation in my opinion.

in fact, phoebe loves abby so much she'll sit there ever so quietly and let abby do this...to her face:
abby seems to be up to things a lot lately.
like taping up her sister.
and cutting off her hair because, "it was in my face".
well, duh. so all that work to get rid of her mullet was for nothing.
because it's baaaack

things that suck

chronic illness
terminal illness
genetic disorders
sick babies
bed rest
natural disasters

and when all the crap hits the fan, it's not a good question to ask why?  why has always led me down a very dark and lonely path. but my faith and this particular scripture has brought  solace during hard times:
  1 And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was ablind from his birth.

  2 And his disciples asked him, saying, Master, who did sin, this aman, or his parents, that he was born blind?

  3 Jesus answered, Neither hath this man sinned, nor his parents: but that the aworks of God should be made bmanifest in him. 
JOHN 9: 1-3


in the morning

i woke up feeling overwhelmed and sorry for myself. i cooked breakfast for everyone, sent ty off to school and had a few seconds to sit down to check my email.

i am more than sad to say that my family friend's dear little girl ella pearl , who was a mere 2 weeks younger than our phoebe, passed away this morning.

to say that we are feeling for their family is a huge understatement.

bless them, bless them, bless them.


shopping for a good cause, means like, free! almost.

i luckily read a post about etsy sellers who are donating 100% of their profits to haiti. seeing as i'm currently not buying anything for myself, but still have that constant hankering for fashion, i looked around and bought two adorable little baby numbers. one is for the phoebes and im sure she'll look adorable in it. the other is for any of our red neck friends/relatives who are having a boy. the lucky winner hasn't been chosen yet for that one.

and the shopping was totally guilt free as it was for a good cause. 



road trip o-ten

we up and left on a LONG road trip this weekend. we went to my childhood city of:

lucy and abigail were awesome little car troopers. repeat: AWESOME. they colored, and drawed, and polly pocketed their way for 9 1/2 hours in our wee little jeep. repeat: 9 1/2 hours.

phoebe, well, just had her immunizations and is 4 months old. which equals: MAJOR FUSS POT. the worst part? you can't even get mad at her. the problem? she sleeps for a good while. then wakes up and talks and plays for a good while, then gets sleepy and fussy and hot. this child doth not liketh to be hotteth. we finally figured out that you just have to pull over, get her out of the car seat, CHANGE HER SWEATY CLOTHES, and calm her down a bit. once we figured out the formula, oh and rocking her car seat which either 1) soothes her to sleep and/or 2) causes brain damage. either way it got the screaming, repeat: SCREAMING to stop.

so 9 1/2 hours was worth it though as ty and i do love visiting reno. we most definitely do. and we love visiting my brother russ and his wife jill and kiddos. most definitely. it was a quick 48 hour trip including driving18 hours. repeat: 18 HOURS IN THE CAR. and the reason behind this trip was we upgraded (hopefully not downgraded) our small jeep for a larger, gas guzzling, carbon footprinting suv  because momma needed room to breathe. i'm confident that you can drive any car, and i mean any, with 2 kids, but 3 is the tipping point. IT REALLY WAS.

so the car lot we bought our new one from will always be dear in our hearts as the el sleazo of car dealerships. NO PROOF OF INSURANCE NEEDED! YOUR JOB IS YOUR CREDIT! we would recommend buying from a place like this if:
  1. your husband is a mechanic
  2. your husband is a mechanic and,
  3. your husband is a mechanic.
but the price was right, the mileage low and we are crossing our fingers while driving around with a battery starter in the back.

on our trip, we did in that small amount of time take ty to see the harrah's automobile museum where his eyes glassed over and he floated around for 2 hours. the girls were very excited as they love museums, only to walk in and see, cars? it was hilarious. anything but just cars! luckily some smarty pants parent put in a dress up center and coloring center for the grease monkey father who has only girls. we hunkered down there while phoebe and ty perused the collection. i must note that i love to look at cars with him also, but took one for the team and managed lucy and abby the entire time.
some highlights:
gold delorean

 the only pink thing in the building
 the thomas flyer
 of course, a desert baja truck
my favorite cars, this ford and the jeerrarri in the mirror. yes,  a jeep wagoneer + ferarri = jeerarri.
it was like the escalade's great great grandpa
 dress ups

 more dress ups. first and only time i think ty will EVER dress up.

 i'm still waiting on some photos from our visit to russ and jill's as my battery died EXACTLY when we got there. gagh. but the visit was more than perfect in every way.  and the trip home was much better than the trip there.

some highlights of the drive:

good ol' margot circle home
pioneer center for the arts where i danced many a time
i was a jessie beck bear!
truckee river
harrah fine arts building where i again, danced many a time

we loved showing the girls where i used to live, play soccer, go to church, dance and walk. and we can't wait to go back again soon. minus the screaming 4 month baby. maybe an 11 month old would do, just around time for HOT AUGUST NIGHTS. ooh, baby i can't wait.

*post edit*
i almost forgot to add the best quote of the trip:
"dang, i forgot my gun"-ty
"what do you need your gun for?"-me
"in case i needed to bust a cap"-ty
"what's a bust a cap?" - abby


back to me

my sisters and i have this inside joke. and it's always funny because it's always true. we'll be chatting and laughing and someone will tell a story, only to have the other person interrupt to talk about it too or something else. our little phrase is, "so...back to me!"

that's probably why i love blogging so much. i can talk as much as i likey without having to pause and act interested in what your saying and then think up a thoughtful response.

there. i said it.

and here's a hint as to what i'll be sharing about tomorrow:


back to me!

*post edit*
my brother bill just left a voicemail informing him that HE was the one who started "back to me!" in our family and if i don't correct this he will inform the proper authorities. so bill started it, and our family uses it, not JUST my sisters. phew, that was a close one.


au revoir

taking a slight blogging break and computer break and tv break and well, you get the picture.

and isn't this little lemon tree just lovely? sweetest gift from a sweet friend.
jandee knows me like the back of her hand.
 you know those people that after spending any amount of time with you want to be a better person? yeah, she's one of those gems.


seen and heard

ty walks in the door during a class break to find me walking phoebe in the kitchen.
"how was class?"-me
"good. what are you up to?"-ty
"this little fart knocker hasn't napped longer than 30 minutes all day"-me
"hahahahahaha. i haven't heard anyone say that for years! hahahaha. fart knocker!"-ty
"hahaha. i know. fart knocker!"-me
"hahahahahahahaha"- both of us

do you remember when people used to say that?


a letter

dear phoebe,

please get on a good schedule and let me pump a bottle or two so daddy can take me to this:

thanks a bunch,

i hate that i don't want to post this

*my mom is the one with her eyes closed. and my aunt brenda's glasses are to die for*

i love the old photos we have of our families. i love that they are black and white. i especially love the ones from the 1950-1960s. i love the fashion. i love how meticulate everyone was with their hair, clothes, shoes, cars, houses.

and after sitting back and admiring, i ask myself. how did my grandma do it? 6 kids, clean house, homemade everything, sewed all the clothes, mended all the clothes, scrubbed out all the stains, washed all the dishes, served countless other families, donated to charities, church callings, etc. etc. etc. and to top it off she was married at 32, had her last baby at around 43, a convert to our church, a full time nurse when she met my grandpa, awesome tennis player and an extremely intelligent woman (now you know why i named lucy after her).

the only answer i can think of, is she was a hard worker. it didn't matter if she didn't WANT to do the dishes, or clean the laundry, or scrub the floors or trim the fat off the roast, or dice the vegetables, or mend the same seam for the hundredth time. you just did it. because you couldn't just run to costco to buy another package of socks because you have none that match (guilty), or buy premade, frozen dinners at the grocery store (guilty), or order your clothes on old navy when there is a huge clearance sale (guilty).  you did all the work and you didn't complain. i remember one time visiting when she was 95, yes 95, and she was out in the arizona sweltering heat sweeping the porch. "grandma!" i said. "come in here, it's too hot outside." she looked straight at me and asked, "well, are you going to do it?"  and sheepishly, i said yes, and grabbed the broom from her before she fainted from heat stroke.

 but now, well. we can say we don't want to something, and not do it; and no one bats an eye. we can get away with not learning how to cook a roast, or mend socks, or clean your own house or any of those things because we can pay someone else can do it for us. and let's face it, who does those things today anyway? and we can tell ourselves we are just too tired to put stuff away or fold things in the dryer, or wash the dishes tomorrow. because that is the normal.  it is easy and normal now to be selfish, self-absorbed and lazy, and put all the blame on something, or someone else.

but today, i'm going to suck it up and just do it. do it because it needs to be done and there is no one else who's going to volunteer for the job. this is what i do, and gosh darn it, i'm going to do it well.  i am going  to take more joy in the doing, and the making, and the mending, and the sitting down and really play with my kids. really enjoy them and teach them. and i'd like how to learn how do do more and do it more efficiently. obviously i know that this is near impossible with a newborn in the house. but tonight, instead of watching mindless tv, i'll pick up the one of 100 books i have on my shelf that are waiting to be read.

and i know it's not going to happen in one instant, but i will try to take better care of myself, the girls, and ty and the house. and i believe that is a sacred thing, to take care of your home and your kids. thank goodness i think that, because that is what i do. and i would like to be more proud of it.

oh, and i'd like to wear circle skirts every day too. i am so in love with them right now.

and i am upset that i didn't want to post this, as i would worry what people would think. but hello, i write this for moi and my kids and husband.  and aren't we all entitled to our opinions?


a decade already

um, yeah, we just realized that our 10 year reunion is in June.

in case you were wondering,
yes, ty and i kind of dated in high school. just kind of : )


for those cold sundays

no, this recipe is not from my julia child cook book. it's from my sister in law mel.

but it is THE BEST french dip recipe i have ever had

bon appetite!

1 beef chuck roast (3 pounds), trimmed
1/2 cup soy sauce
1 tsp dried thyme
1 bay leaf
2 cups water
1 tsp dried rosemary, crushed
1 tsp garlic powder
3-4 whole peppercorns

Place roast in a 5 qt slow-cooker. Add the water, soy sauce and seasonings. Cover and cook on high for 5-6 hours or until beef is tender. Remove meat from broth; shred with forks and keep warm. Strain broth; skim off fat. Remove peppercorns and bay leaf. Pour broth into small cups for dipping. Serve beef on rolls. Eight servings.

OH, and just in case you open up the peppercorns over the crock pot and hundreds of them fall in and you only have enough time to fish out a few before it's time to go to church, it will still turn out well. And if you are on a low carb diet, the meat is great on just a salad.


hop on in

in our dreamworld, ty and i would buy this bad baby, only 124k miles! and cruise the coast.

because nothing says killer road trip like a pinto wagon. nothing.

help haiti

i don't like to watch the news.
as i usually get world news from my BBC ticker on the computer.
and the news is depressing, and i always feel completely useless as to what is going on.

but how can you not feel a need to help the people from haiti who have been devastated by this earthquake?

all i can do is pray for them, and i know that that is powerful and important.

but it is nice to know you can help out even more just from texting. even i text now! (moment of silence)

so today, whip out those phones and text "haiti" to #"90999" and a donation of $10 will be given to the Red Cross and charged to your cell phone bill.

see? that was easy and extremely helpful.


it is dull and dreary outside

In the depth of winter,
I finally learned
that deep within me
there lay
an invincible summer.
-Albert Camus


not just a river in egypt

yesterday i  sliced a part of phoebe's finger off while trying to trim her nails. and not just an, oops you poor baby, slice. like, oops the whole top of your finger is hanging on by a thread, slice.

and i did this an hour before i was supposed to go work out as i'm trying to finally get back in shape. but her finger bled, and bled and bled for the entire hour.  and we had my brother on speed dial as i was sure phoebe would die from shock and/or loss of blood (thanks bill).  ty reassured me she was fine about a million times but the sound of the skin being cut just kept going over and over and over in my head.

"i'm staying home." i told ty. "i'll go work out tomorrow". it can wait just one more day i thought.

"no, go ahead." "we'll be fine" he said.

and they were. and i went and worked out.

and i realized that i must be really, really, really out of shape if ty is willing to put up with all of that, just so that i can go exercise. because, taking care of a hungry and bleeding 3 month old, two 3 year olds (we were babysitting a friend) and lucy all at dinner, bath and bed time is not an easy task.

talk about a reality check.

*ty was right. her finger is just fine now.



i'm not feeling pretty right now.
and i can't be cheerful either.
and witty just seems like it would take many, oh so many, brain cells to try.

so i'll share this memory before i forget, as i thought of it on our morning walk:

in grade school my parents brought home a cassette recording of a memory enhancing method. and as i puttered around the house i would listen to parts of it while my mom was too. the only thing i ever remembered (hahaha) was it had tips on how to memorize where you left stuff (major problem of mine).

so this was how it went:
let's say you come home and place your keys on the table.
now, immediately think where you put the keys and then imagine the table blowing up in your mind.
when it is time for you to find your keys, you will see the image of the table and remember.

with my inner brilliance i put the practice to work. the next day i came home, put my backpack by the front door, and then imagined the kitchen table blowing up. that evening, trying to find it, all i could think of was the kitchen table blowing up, and not for the life of me where my backpack was.  now, an intelligent child would catch on that they were not exactly applying the method correctly. but no. i tried again the next time.  i put my coat on the stairway railing. and when it came time to find it, i thought of my coat, and thought of the kitchen table blowing up, (i'm being serious) but couldn't remember where my coat was. for real, i still didn't catch on that time either.

now i'm not going to tell you how long, or how many YEARS it took me to realize that the entire point of the tip was to imagine the ACTUAL PLACE where you left the item blowing up, not the kitchen table. unless, of course, you did leave it on the kitchen table, then it would work.

but i will tell you this: this is not the most stupid and most embarassing thing i have to tell of my past.

me, displaying that inner brilliance


behold, the largest bald spot known to mankind

none of our girls have had a bald spot.
unless you count abby's completely bald head for 13 months as one.
and i'm not. this my friends, is a nasty case of bald spot.

we don't know what to do to encourage more growth other than just let it do its thing
and love her. ah. how sweet.
(disregard the dodgers shirt. all of our laundry is dirty)

and then i caught the other culprit, other than sleeping on her back,
"stop it!" i told him.
 "but it feels so soft" he explained.
 "it's never going to grow back if you keep that up!"

and phoebe says "it took you this long to figure out he's been doing this mom?"

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